Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures of Tattoos

Pictures of Tattoos Pictures of Tattoos

Pictures of Tattoos Pictures of Tattoos

Pictures of Tattoos Pictures of Tattoos

Pictures of Tattoos Pictures of Tattoos

Popular Gun Tattoo

Gun TattooGun Tattoo

Gun TattooGun Tattoo

Gun TattooGun Tattoo

Rose love Tattoos

women cute hard tattoo

Kat Von D Hollywood Los Angeles Tattoo Artist

Κat Von D іs a tattoo artist аnd television personality. Κat Von D іs bеst known for hеr work аs a featured tattoo artist .Οn thе ΤLC reality television ѕhow Μiami Ιnk. A subsequent ΤLC series starring Κat Von D premiered August 7, 2007 іn thе United States + November 11, 2007 іn thе UΚ. Von D Hollywood Los Angeles Tattoo Artist

Kim Kardashian Tattoo Kardashian Tattoo

Keanu Reeves tattoo

Keanu Reeves tattoo

David Beckhams Tattoos

Beckham has 11 tattoos in total, but this could change soon at a moments notice, as it seems he's set on covering his body with tattoos. He has his son’s names, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo on his back, a guardian angel in the shape of a cross, his wife’s name and a replica of her wrapped around her name in Hindi. He also has the Roman numerals VII to commemorate the number 7 he wore for Manchester United on his right arm. Other more intricate tattoos adorn his arms.
Who does the tattoos for Beckham? That would be: Manchester tattoo artist Louis Malloy. Who is said to be the best in the UK and who, at one point, Beckham was said to have flown into Madrid to do a tattoo. On his return to AC Milan, just after the New Year, Beckham displayed a new Jesus tattoo on the side of his stomach.
David Beckhams Tattoos

10 Popular Lettering Tattoo Fonts

Pictures of Tattoos Featuring Letter and Script Tattoos
letter tattoosMany people are tempted to get tattoos with lettering and script inked into their flesh to display their personality. They also give an expressive meaning in the words that are written themselves. To help you with some ideas for lettering tattoos, here are some pictorial photos of "letter tattoo designs" in 10 of the most popular lettering tattoo fonts.

Calligraphy tattoo
1. Calligraphy letter tattoo

Cursive Letter Tattoo
2. Cursive Letter Tattoo

Gothic Tattoo
3. Gothic Style Lettering Tattoo

Graffiti Tattoo
4. Graffiti Tattoo Design

Handwritten Tattoo
5. Handwritten Tattoo

Old English Letter Tattoo
6. Old English Letter Tattoo

Old School Letters Tattoos
7. Old School Letters Tattoos

Roman Tattoos
8. Roman Letters

Side Tattoo Celtic Letter Tattoo
9. Side Tattoo Celtic Lettering

Tribal Lettering Tattoo
10. Tribal Letter Tattoo

Female Japanese tattoo

Female Full Back Tattoo of Oriental

Female Full Back Tattoo of Oriental

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Military Globalisation

Tarak Berkawi’s excellent short piece for Aljazeera reminds us that Military Globalisation is Nothing New. It outlines the historical principle that colonial and imperialist ambition projects military might abroad, circulating soldiers from place to place or training indigenous militias to suppress popular uprisings. The piece also shows the seldom connected back story to those positive narratives of global free trade and economic liberalism, a world in which the military act as the ‘steel frame of globalisation’. Much of this may seem obvious, but it is refreshing to read something that doesn’t root military activity simply to territory or ‘national defence’ but exposes the trans-national complexity of current military activity.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Puppy to Adult Dog in 40 seconds

Courtesy of Byron Louie of Remedie Studio: A photo a day of Dunder the German shepherd.Now Playing | Up Next | Mon, May 23, 2011 3:01 AM EDT | 0:44 | 1,742,100 views | Courtesy of Byron Louie of Remedie Studio: A photo a day of Dunder the German shepherd. | Now Playing | Up Next | Thu, May 26, 2011 3:00 AM EDT | 0:38 | 901,478 views | Kenner Galeas of the Arlington Soccer Association club team scores on a bicycle kick against the U-14 Civitans Bengals

Husband gave life to save wife from tornado He was my hero

As a tornado tore his Joplin, Mo., home apart, Don Lansaw did what came naturally: He threw himself on top of his wife Bethany to protect her. And in doing so, he gave his life for her.


Lansaw's is just one of several tales of heroism, heartbreak, and amazing escapes that have emerged from the spate of violent weather events that swept the center of the country this week. As many as 125 people are thought to have been killed by the Joplin tornado alone.

"The house was ripping apart, it all happened so fast," Bethany Lansaw told NBC News. "All the pillows were flying off of us, the only thing I managed to do was keep one in front of my face."

You can watch the report on Don Lansaw's heroic sacrifice in this video

Once the wind died down, Bethany recounted, she looked over to see that her husband was turning blue. He died before she could find an ambulance to get him to the hospital.

Don, 31, was a former high-school football star, and owned a machine shop. Bethany, 25, worked at a local university. The couple had been married six years and planned to start a family.

"You know, people kept saying he wouldn't have wanted it any other way, but if I could have taken twice as much damage just to have him alive, I would have," Bethany said.

"He did what he could to protect his family," she added. "He's my hero."

Also in Joplin, Will Norton was driving home from his graduation ceremony with his dad when the tornado struck. Norton, 18, looked to have a bright future: A YouTube channel he created called "Wildabeast," in which he posted comedy routines, had almost 1.5 million hits:
As the Hummer H3 started to flip, Norton's seat-belt snapped, and he went flying through the roof of the vehicle, as his dad tried in vain to catch him. Afterward, the only trace of him was his cellphone and graduation cap.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma's Canadian County, Hank Hamil cried at a news conference after his 3-year old son Ryan was found dead, floating in a lake. Hamil's other son, 15-month old Cole, was also killed by Tuesday night's violent storm.

"I lost both of my boys," Hamil said through tears. "Ryan was my little buddy. Cole was too. I loved them both." You can watch the report on the Hamil's tragic loss here

Sarah Palin goes behind enemy lines

The bus tour that stands to return her to the 2012 spotlight is taking her to the part of the country that’s the least friendly to her — the northeastern U.S.

Sarah Palin

It’s a part of the country she’s mostly avoided since 2008, conspicuously not setting foot in early presidential state New Hampshire at all during her two book tours and her 2010 tea party campaign swings. Now, however, with her luster dimmed and her national relevance in question, she has chosen to venture into the belly of the beast.

“There’s no doubt in my mind the northeast is the least favorable area of the country to Sarah Palin,” said Terry Madonna, a longtime Pennsylvania pollster and analyst who directs the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College. “But she has to show she can broaden her appeal. She can’t just go to where she’s already won voters.”

Nevertheless, it’s clear Palin is picking her spots carefully.

Though the tour begins Sunday in Washington, D.C. — home to the political establishment with which Palin has a well-documented relationship of mutual loathing — it’s at a motorcycle rally, the annual Rolling Thunder bikerfest that streams over the Memorial Bridge en route to the Vietnam Memorial.

In Maryland, where the candidate Palin endorsed in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary got less than a quarter of the vote, she’s going to the Civil War battle site of Antietam, in the rural western arm of the state — far from the coastal population centers of Annapolis and Baltimore.

In Pennsylvania, where America’s most famous hockey mom was booed in 2008 when she dropped the puck at a Philadelphia Flyers game, she’ll visit another small-town Civil War battlefield, Gettysburg. She’ll also make a return foray into Philadelphia — a stop at the Liberty Bell.

Palin is wrapping herself in American history, tapping into the hyper-patriotism that is her hallmark. Her destinations are historic islands, refuges amid the most urbanized and Democratic territory in the nation.

This is the way the itinerary is described on her political action committee’s website: “This Sunday, May 29th, Governor Palin and the SarahPAC team will begin a trip through our nation’s rich historical sites, starting from Washington, DC and going up through New England,” it states. “The ‘One Nation Tour’ is part of our new campaign to educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles, in order to promote the Fundamental Restoration of America.”

Below that, there’s a donation button, and below that is a Google map of the U.S. — with no stops marked on it.

Palin’s plans, details of which are still hazy, will also take her to New Hampshire for the first time since she was on the GOP ticket with John McCain.

But after all her time away, Granite Staters aren’t feeling particularly warm about her.

A CNN/WMUR poll of New Hampshire Republican voters last week found Palin had the support of just 5 percent, good for fifth place and trailing non-candidate Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who has dipped his toe in the presidential waters of late

Dangerous places in the World

Asbestos is a series of six silicate minerals naturally very terkanal compatible with fire and resistance to the sound absorption capability. On the downside, this mineral causes cancer and other diseases. This is very dangerous to the European Union has banned all mining and use of asbestos in Europe. In Canada in Thetford Mines, you can visit a very large hole in the asbestos open pit mine is still fully operational. Free tickets (already dangerous period still have to pay anyway?). If you decide to visit, do not forget to fill your body with complete bio-hazard suit.

Most Exotic and Terrible Bridge

Most Exotic and Terrible Bridge

Most Exotic and Terrible Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction near Canon City, Colorado, in a 360-hectare park.
Bridge deck depending on the altitude of 955 feet (291 m) above the Arkansas River, and holds the record for the highest bridge in the world from 1929 until 2003, when defeated by Beipanjiang River Bridge in China.
It is a suspension bridge with a main span of 938 feet (286 m). The bridge whose length is 1260 feet (384 m) and width of 18 feet (5.5 m), with wooden boards totaling 1292. The bridge is hung from the tower as high as 150 feet (46 m)

5 Best Cities of the World Health

Many cities around the world is a great place to live because of the availability of recreation and a high level of life expectancy. Countries that have a high ratio of patients with physical illnesses that tend to be healthier and more number of doctors who sedikit.Tingkat infant mortality and low levels of disease is important for the health of the city, but there were many factors that make these cities included in the list of cities The healthiest city sedunia.Berolahraga, eat well and healthy lifestyle are factors that contribute to the health of citizens anywhere in the world.

There are many ways to measure the health of a city.
Some factors affecting the health of society as a whole, including a long life expectancy, doctor-patient ratio as a whole and the amount of toxins that can be found in lingkungan.Kesehatan also measured with the availability of sports and other activities and level of disease.

Some countries allocate funds in large amounts on health, but it really does not mean they are healthy. Here is a list of seven cities in the world's healthiest.
1. Reykjavik, Islandia


Iceland has a low level of disease as a whole. TB prevalence countries is 2.2 per 100,000 residents and no cases of H1N1 bird flu in sana.Islandia jumalh doctors also have high, with a ratio of 3.62 per 1,000 residents.

Swimming is a popular sport in Islandia.Renang have included in school curricula Iceland for more than 60 years and every resident of Iceland is required to learn to swim.
Iceland's geothermal wealth makes a great place to open berenang.Kolam warm pool located across the country and is open all year. other outdoor sports like hiking and sailing are also popular in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik and other towns in Iceland have the level of vehicle ownership is very high per capita of about 522 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants, but they are not affected by congestion and air pollution levels are very low.

2. Vienna, Austria


Austria has an infant mortality rate is only 4 deaths per 1,000 live births.
They also have high physician density of 3.38 doctors per 1,000 warga.Orang who lives in Austria covered by government insurance as soon as they get jobs or university entrance.
Pensioners are also guaranteed automatically by hukum.Wina offers skiing in winter and many recreational activities in the months of summer.
City of Vienna hosted various sporting events including the Marathon.
marathon attracted more than 10,000 participants per tahun.Pada year 2005, the Ice Hockey World Championship hosted by Austria and the final match played in Vienna.

3. Sydney, Australia
Australian health care system is one of the best in Australia dunia.perusahaan insurance required by law to pay the policy premiums and the same regardless of past health mereka.udara Australia is also among the cleanest air in dunia.Menurut CIA World Factbook, Australia also offers one The highest life expectancy at the age of 81.81 years in 2011.

City of Sydney has a climate, moderate bright that contributes to give love in the outdoors that much on penduduknya.Ada five major national parks located in the vicinity of Sydney, which contains about 8,000 square miles of open space.

4. Zurich, Switzerland


Switzerland spent more than 11 percent of Gross Domestic Product Articles on universal health coverage for residents negaranya.Ini is a very high expenditure per capita, but its inhabitants provide a high life expectancy at age 71 for men and age 75 for women. Swiss physician density is about 3.61 per 1,000 penduduk.Swiss also have high levels of air pollution.
There are many gardens and parks are located in Zurich for citizens to just walking, biking, Most of the people of Zurich to enjoy an active lifestyle and sports is an integral part of the culture of sports facilities Swiss.Banyaknya make Zurich a gathering place for lovers of sport in Switzerland. Some international sports federations make their home in Zurich.

5. Helsinki, Finland


Finland has one of the lowest pollution levels in dunia.Mereka also boasts a low infant mortality three deaths per 1,000 births hidup.Warga Finland has a life expectancy of 79.27 years from lahir.Helsinki, the capital.
There are about 390 cars per 1000 population of Helsinki. less than the city of similar density. Brussels, Belgia.Belgia has about 483 cars per 1000 people and Stockholm, Sweden has about 401.

30 Tips Make Girls Smile

30 Tips Make Girls Smile
1. Do not hug her friends or your friends where they can feel left out.
2. Hold hands at every opportunity ... although only a second.
3. Hug her from behind.
4. Leave her voice messages to wake him up.
5. Joke-joke with him.
6.Jangan go for a walk with the ex if she was not with you, you may not know how painful it was for him.
7. If you're talking to another girl another, after you're done talking, walk over and hug her and kiss her ... Let her know he's yours and they are nothing.
8. Write her a note or call her just to say hello ... and not just at night after you've traveled with other Girl-Girl.
9. Introduce him to your friends ... as a lover.
10. Playing with her hair.
11. Hold him.
12. Guys get upset if there is another holding, holding him and he did not like it.
13. Make her laugh, if you can make her laugh. you can make her do anything.
14. Let him fast asleep in your arms.
15. If he's mad at you, kiss her.
16. If you love him, say.
17. Every guy should give their girl 3 things: a stuffed animal (she'll take him and hug him every time he would sleep), jewelry (she'll treasure forever-well), and one of the Guys (he'll wear it to bed) .
18. Treat her as usual, although they gather with friends.
19. Look at his eyes and smile at him.
20. Go for a walk with him every weekend.
21. Kiss her in the rain
22. If you're listening to music, let her listen too.
23. Remember her birthday and get her something, even though it's simple and inexpensive, it came from YOU. It meant everything to HIM.
24. When she gives you a present on your birthday, or at times, take it and tell her you love it, even if you do not (it'll make her happy).
25. Girl do not need long conversations and many hours each night, the most important being able to hear your voice even just for a quick 'hello?'.
26. Give him what he wants.
27. Recognize the small things ... it usually means big.
28. Tell her she 's beautiful, she needs to know that dressed not in vain.
29. Go for a walk with him every time you are unemployed and you should be ready to invite your boyfriend streets anytime.
30. If you focus on him ... SHOW!