Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Predator Drones - the Unseen Destroyer

Unseen, unheard but deadly. For every death, the collateral damage is 50 more deaths. Children dead, maimed or dying in the name of freedom and democracy. Do we care what happened in Libya - what about Pakistan and the Yemen? What would you do if you saw your family, your loved ones destroyed by an unseen foe? Would you welcome the "liberators" with open arms or would you wish to destroy them as they destroyed you?  

We have to find a better way, we cannot go on doing this in the name of freedom and liberation because there will never be peace only war. We are living in a world of perpetual war that knows no boundaries to the scope of its destruction - A world of increasing hate and of evil deeds.

Let's stop this - now.....

Food for thought!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Criminal Manipulation of the Constitution by Federal Government?

Bribery, Corruption  - the old carrot and stick... It's a neat trick and our freedoms diminish as a result..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lord Shiva Wallpaper Mahashivratri Shankar Bholenath Shivling Rudra Scraps

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Jeff Berwick "Everything Obama does is Unconstitutional"

If you've never heard of Jeff Berwick, you may want to take this opportunity to listen to what he has to say.... . In this interesting conversation with anchor Bridgitte Anderson, self-described anarchist and founder of the Dollar Vigilante, Jeff Berwick bemoans on the "debt fantasyland" the Western World is mired in, reveals the foundations of his conversion to a libertarian and anarchist worldview and, in his most controversial statement, declares, "...everything Obama does is unconstitutional!" Check this out!

Man put in solitary confinement for TWO YEARS with no trial after DUI arrest awarded $22m

I'm always keen to publicize wrongful imprisonment especially after my little run in with the Spanish Authorities 10 years ago! Yes these jailers are inhuman bastards - you have to be to do the job - but take it from me, this case is only the tip of a very large iceberg and if it wasn't for the $22 million awarded, we would never of heard of this story.

Daily Mail

A man who was held in solitary confinement for two years and was forced to pull his own tooth because he was denied dental health, has been awarded $22million for violation of his constitutional rights.

Stephen Slevin, 58, from New Mexico, was awarded the sum of money  - one of the largest federal civil rights settlements in history involving an inmate - after accusing Dona Ana County jail of essentially forgetting about him while he was in custody, not giving him the healthcare he needed and treating him inhumanely.

Ordeal: Stephen Slevin, pictured near the time of his release, was held in solitary confinement for two years and forced to pull out his own tooth
Ordeal: Stephen Slevin, pictured near the time of his release, was held in solitary confinement for two years and forced to pull out his own tooth
Traumatic: Stephen Slevin, looked remarkably different in August, 2005, at the time of his arrest for drunken driving
Traumatic: Stephen Slevin, looked remarkably different in August, 2005, at the time of his arrest for drunken driving.

Outside the federal courthouse in Santa Fe today, Mr Slevin said it was never about the money for him but more about sending a message that prisoners should be treated more humanely.

He still suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from what he says was physical and mental mistreatment by corrections officials in Dona Ana County, in the southern part of the state.

He told KOB4.com: 'It was never about the money. We made a statement about what happened to me.

'Prison officials were walking by me every day, watching me deteriorate. Day after day after day, they did nothing, nothing at all, to get me any help.'

The 58-year-old was arrested in August 2005 and charged with driving while intoxicated and receiving a stolen vehicle near Las Cruces.
His lawyer said that, due to his history of mental illness, he was placed into solitary confinement.

Civil rights attorney Matthew Coyte revealed it was here that his client started to deteriorate.

He said: 'They threw him in solitary andthen ignored him. He disappeared into delirium, and his mental illness was made worse by being isolated from human contact and a lack of medical care.'

While Slevin was in solitary confinement, his toenails grew so long they began to curl around his feet, he developed bedsores, fungus and dental problems and lost a lot of weight, according to the lawsuit.

Outside court: Stephen Slevin said it was never about the money for him but more about making a statement that this was not acceptable
Outside court: Stephen Slevin said it was never about the money for him but more about making a statement that this was not acceptable treatment

Mr Slevin was eventually released after 22 months as a pre-trial detainee and the charges against him were dismissed.

Attorney: Matt Coyte said he had never been with or seen 'a braver man who stood up to these guys for what they did to him'
Attorney: Matt Coyte said he had never been with or seen 'a braver man who stood up to these guys for what they did to him'

'I have never been with or seen a braver man who stood up to these guys for what they did to him. Itaffects everybody and it's not good for this country. It has to stop'

It was upon his release that he filed the lawsuit, claiming his rights of due process were violated since he was not given a hearing before being placed in solitary confinement.
The county had recently offered to settle the case for $2million, according to CNN, despite previously denying there was a lack of medical care and that, as government employees, county officials deserved immunity from liability.
Mr Coyte told KOB.com he hopes Slevin's court victory will send a message throughout the state.

He said: 'I have never been with or seen a braver man who stood up to these guys for what they did to him.

'It affects everybody and it's not good for this country. It's not good for Mr Slevin for sure and it's not good for this country. It has to stop.'

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Council Tax Fun and Games

South Glos Council are still at it. I've furnished them all the information I need to furnish as to why their statutory council tax is unlawful. Here's their reply........

"Thank you for your email of the 7th January 2012. Pleaseaccept my apologies for the delay in replying.

I am investigating your point with regards to your letter dated 14thMarch 2009 and will revert to you shortly.

In respect of the non-payment of Council Tax I can only state thatthis Authority deals with non-payment in line with current legislation. Thereis no consent required by you or anyone else and therefore the optionsavailable to the Council in the event of non payment include the means previouslymentioned.   

In the circumstances confirmation of your current correspondencedetails would help matters so that I may write to you indetail."

The last paragraph is the kicker though isn't it? They want my "correspondence details - aka my address! Now why would I want to help them with their "matters"?     

Murdering Coward or War Hero?

A US Marine charged over one of the Iraq war's most notorious massacres of civilians has agreed to a plea bargain that could see him serve only three months in prison.

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, 26, of Connecticut, led the Marine squad in 2005 that killed 24 men, women and children in the town of Haditha after a roadside bomb exploded near a Marine convoy, killing one Marine and wounding two others.
Wuterich pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty on Monday, reaching a deal that has seen the manslaughter charges dropped. The maximum he will face is three months in prison, two-thirds forfeiture of pay and a rank demotion to private.
Guilty: Marine Frank Wuterich, who led the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians, arrives for court, flanked by his attorneys Neal Puckett, left, and Haytham Faraj, right.
Guilty: Frank Wuterich, who led the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians, arrives for court, flanked by 
his attorneys Neal Puckett, left, and Haytham Faraj, right.

His sentence, which is expected on Tuesday, will end the largest and longest-running criminal case against U.S. troops to emerge from the Iraq War.

Wuterich's plea interrupted his trial at Camp Pendleton before a jury of all combat Marines who served in Iraq.
'No one denies that the events .... were tragic, most of all Frank Wuterich,' defense attorney Neal Puckett told the North County Times on Monday.

'But the fact of the matter is that he has now been totally exonerated of the homicide charges brought against him by the government and the media.

Innocent victims: Prosecutors said Marine Frank Wuterich led his men on a rampage in which they stormed two nearby homes, blasting their way in with gunfire and grenades.
Innocent victims: Prosecutors said Marine Frank Wuterich led his men on a rampage in which they stormed two homes in an Iraqi town.
Killing spree: The scene in one of the houses in Haditha, Iraq after two dozen civilian Iraqis were allegedly killed by U.S. Marines.
Killing spree: The scene in one of the houses in Haditha, Iraq after two dozen civilian Iraqis were allegedly killed by U.S. Marines.
Outrage: The rampage, in Haditha on November 19, 2005, using gunfire and grenades, still fuels anger in Iraq.
Outrage: The rampage, in Haditha on November 19, 2005, using gunfire and grenades, still fuels anger in Iraq.

For the last six years, he has had his name dragged through the mud. Today, we hope, is the beginning of his redemption.'Phone messages left for Puckett and co-counsel Mark Zaid weren't immediately returned.
The issue at the court martial was whether Wuterich reacted appropriately as a Marine squad leader in protecting his troops in the midst of a chaotic war or disregarded combat rules and ordered his men to shoot and blast indiscriminately at Iraqi civilians. Wuterich was charged with nine counts of manslaughter, among other charges, and is one of eight Marines initially charged. None has been convicted.

Prosecutors said he lost control after seeing the body of his friend blown apart by the bomb and led his men on a rampage in which they stormed two nearby homes, blasting their way in with gunfire and grenades. Among the dead were women, children and elderly, including a man in a wheelchair.

Revenge: Prosecutors said the marine lost control after seeing the body of his friend blown apart by in a roadside bomb and led his men on a rampage.
Revenge: Prosecutors said the marine lost control after seeing the body of his friend blown apart by in a roadside bomb and led his men on a rampage.

Battle: U.S. Marine Frank Wuterich led the squad in 2005 that killed 24 men, women and children in the town of Haditha
Battle: U.S. Marine Frank Wuterich led the squad in 2005 that killed 24 men, women and children in the town of Haditha.

Wuterich's former squad members testified that they did not take any gunfire during the 45-minute raid on the homes nor find any weapons, but several squad members testified that they do not believe they did anything wrong, fearing insurgents were inside hiding.

The prosecution was further hurt by the testimony of Wuterich's former platoon commander who said the squad was justified in its actions because house was declared 'hostile', and from what he understood of the rules of combat at the time that meant any use of force could be used and Marines did not need to positively identify their targets.
Wuterich has said he regretted the loss of civilian lives but believed he was operating within military combat rules.
After Haditha, Marines commanders ordered troops to try and distinguish between civilians and combatants.

Plea bargain: Marine Frank Wuterich has reached a deal with prosecutions that has seen the manslaughter charges dropped.
Plea bargain: Marine Frank Wuterich has reached a deal with prosecutions that has seen the manslaughter charges dropped.

The killings in Haditha on November 19, 2005, still fuel anger in Iraq and was the primary reason behind demands that U.S. troops not be given immunity from their court system. It is considered among the war's defining moments, further tainting America's reputation when it was already at a low point after the release of photos of prisoner abuse by U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison.

The trial was delayed for years by pre-trial wrangling between the defense and prosecution, including over whether the military could use unaired outtakes from an interview Wuterich gave in 2007 to CBS '60 Minutes'. Prosecutors eventually won the right to view the footage.
Six squad members have had charges dropped or dismissed, including some in exchange for testifying at the trial. One was acquitted.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm with Jesus

I'm not wishing to get religious with you all but for what it's worth here's how I see it...
For thousands of years, many people have been awaiting for the return of "thesavior" (for me I don't need saving so I have no view on this either way).   But in manyways, Jesus was the top anarchist of his time, fighting against a perfidious state (Roman Empire) for freedom. Wasn't he the one who threw the bankers of the day out of the temples decrying usuary as slavery? Didn't he show us how to be self reliant and care for each other? In fact at every opportunity he opposed state interference in peoples lives. Didn't people pretty much live in slavery 2,000 years ago and didn't he try to stop the enslavement of mankind. 
So maybe, just maybe the new Messiah is walking among us now - or maybe the Messiah is all of us - the ones fighting for self reliance, freedom, independence and for good. Maybe the Messiah are the occupy protesters, the freedom fighters of the Middle East or just the plain old awkward squad (or even Michael Moore lol!!) 
Are you getting it yet?  We have the real power and all they have is fear. You could say that we are the good and they are the evil maybe?  I don't think you need religion to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, war and peace and from my perspective we are living in very evil times where life is cheap and enslavement is everywhere.
Jesus, my kind of guy!

I'm with this guy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indefinite Detention: The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act

With all the uproar over the possible indefinitedetention of American citizens, a new bill has been introduced to stripAmericans of their citizenship.

It's called the Enemy Expatriation Act (H.R.3166), and itwill fix everything.

They'll just declare American suspects to be expatriatednon-citizens before they stick the black bags over their heads.

Problem solved...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How a Passport Became a Prison

How quickly weforget.  It has been less than a century since walls have been erected,worldwide, to limit our movements, yet many of us seem to think it's"always been this way".  And the only way we are now allowed totravel internationally is with the permission of our slavemasters (country)using a slave card (passport).
Things resemblingpassports can be traced back to the time of the Persian Empire in about 450 BCwhen an official serving King Artaxerxes I of Persia, asked leave to travel toJudea, and the king granted leave and gave him a letter "to the governorsbeyond the river" requesting safe passage for him as he travelled throughtheir lands.  But, this is hardly the purpose of a passport today, despitewhat it may say inside the cover page.
Up until 1914,there were only two countries in the world that required you to have a passportif you wanted to enter - Czarist Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Anywhere else,you could come and go as you pleased.  It was then, with the outbreak ofWorld War I, European governments introduced border passport requirements forsecurity reasons (allegedly to keep out spies) and to control the emigration ofcitizens with useful skills, retaining potential manpower. These controlsremained in place after the war, and became standard procedure... and this hasled, over time, to the worldwide limitation of travel except by the permissionof the government of each country.
There are now 196tax farms (countries) in the world and you will need a passport to enter any ofthem.  But, worse, because they have greatly controlled movement and allinstitute varying levels of government controls on economic transactions, theyhave caused a great amount of dislocation.  This dislocation causes greatstress as, for example, when a country like China goes from decades of Maoistcommunism to a form of free market communism, it can cause great changes aroundthe world as a wealth of new, cheap labor comes into the market.
It is thesestresses, caused by government involvement in the movement and freedom ofhumans, that has people in other parts of the world calling formore governmentinvolvement!  The self-licking ice cream cone that is the state knows nobounds.
This, to someextent, leads to xenophobic reactions and is helped along as people in variouscountries are taught by both their public indoctrination system (schools) andthe propaganda on their nightly news to fear and hate people in othercountries.
In the US, forexample, there are two groups who complain about jobs and borders:
The "Buy American" group.  Theycomplain when a company chooses to produce products in a country other than theUS and then sell those products within the US. Somehow this destroys jobsin America.
The "Hire American" group.  This group complainswhen individuals enter the country "illegally" and who are willing towork without the permission of the state for a lower wage than the stateallows. Somehow this steals jobsfrom Americans.
Both groupsmisunderstand the root cause of the conflict: the vampire leviathan state thatlimits the freedom of all who wish to build a better life for themselves.
"BuyAmerican" is the cry of protectionists and special interest groups such aslabor unions. Unwilling or unable to compete in the global marketplace, theypush Big Government to restrict trade with other tax farms in order to raisetheir own wages. Of course this does nothing but act as an inefficiency tax onthe Americans who are forced to purchase the overpriced goods. Overall thishurts other parts of the economy, as consumers simply have less money to spendon other goods.
An unintendedconsequence of this protectionism is often that the beneficiary of the tariffor trade barrier gets addicted to the subsidy and grows fat and lazy. Forexample, the steel industry in American has demanded protection since itshnception. To this day the steel industry still demands protection.  Asrecently as 2002, GW Bush placed a 30% tariff on foreign steel products. These industries remain "infant industries" that will foreverneed coddling by the corporate welfare state. The rust belt of the midwest is atestamanet of the destruction wrought by these policies.
Recently, thereis a new addition to the "Buy American" crowd: the righteouslyindignant "locavore".  This breed of bigot lives mainly in urbanareas, but demands that all of their food be grown within an arbitrary distanceof their house. They mix a blind faith in the pronouncements of global warmingconmen such as Al Gore with a close-minded desire to "keep" theirmoney in their community.
We recentlysurveyed the origins of the food in a Canadian grocery store, and the resultswere astounding.  The produce of nearly 100 countries was represented inthe well stocked shelves. To go back to the world that existed when everyone"ate local", in Canada, would mean subsisting on a diet of roots,tubers, dried buffalo meat and seal blubber for six months of the year. Mmmmmmmm, seal blubber!
Internationaltrade benefits everyone, and for every dollar that goes from the USA or Canadato purchase food in another country, money flows back in the form of exports tothe rest of the world.
It is a fallacyof the highest order to block international trade.  The logic used tojustify it could be readily applied to tariffs and trade barriers betweenStates, cities and even households.  "Don't buy Cincinnati produce! Buy Clevelander!"
The Division oflabor is the key to prosperity - as Adam Smith put it in "The Wealth ofNations":
It is the maximof every prudent master of a family, never to attempt to make at home what itwill cost him more to make than to buy. The tailor does not attempt to make hisown shoes, but buys them of the shoe maker. The shoemaker does not attempt tomake his own clothes, but employs a tailor. The farmer attempts to make neitherthe one nor the other, but employs those different artificers. All of them findit for their interest to employ their whole industry in a way in which theyhave some advantage over their neighbors, and to purchase with a part of itsproduce, or what is the same thing, with the price of a part of it, whateverelse they have occasion for. What is prudence in the conduct of every privatefamily can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom.
The "HireAmerican" group is afraid that illegal aliens who arewilling to work in jobs that the average pampered, overweight and indoctrinatedAmerican wouldn't stoop to, or dare commit the crime of working for below thestate-enforced price floor of "minimum wage" are somehow"stealing" jobs from hardworking Americans or are exploiting thewelfare state that the Fascist Nanny State has imposed on its citizens.
Nothing could befurther from the truth. The 19th century saw the greatestexplosion of wealth the world has ever known - millions were lifted frompoverty through the application of laissez faire capitalism and a policy ofopen borders allowed millions to come to America and make a better life forthemselves and work co-operatively with others.
The inscriptionon the Statue of Liberty gives you an idea of what the attitude of the USAtowards the peoples of the world once was:
"Give meyour tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"
Although, as canbe seen from the poster below, by 1917 the meaning of "freedom" hadalready been contorted into your duty to "buy government debt to killforeigners".
Today the USresembles an armed police state - forcing those who wish to come and work toeither subject themselves to the rigors of the bureaucratic nightmare of the USCIS or attempt a harrowing journey inwhich countless die each year.
Authorities havediscovered 252 bodies in the Arizona desert over the past year - the remains ofmigrants who died trying to cross into the U.S. illegally. That's a record, butoverall the Border Patrol says the number of people crossing illegally is down.So, why the increase in the number of bodies? 
And on the flipside, it is now becoming harder and harder to leave.  Fences built on thesouthern border, drones flying the northern border, and cash sniffing dogs downevery jetway all signify that while it may be hard to get in, it will soon beharder to get out (which is why we implore US citizens to get a second foreignpassport, like in the Dominican Republic).
Per Bylund nicely describes the world that we have inherited
The pre-1914world saw no immigration issues or policies, and no real border controls.Instead, there was free movement in the real sense; there were no questionsasked, people were treated respectfully and one did not even need officialdocuments to enter or leave a country. This all changed with the First WorldWar, after which states seem to compete with having the least humane view onforeigners seeking refuge within its territory.
The"immigration policies" of modern states is yet another licensingscheme of the 20th century: the state has enforced licensing of movement. It isvirtually impossible to move across the artificial boundaries of thestate's territory in the search for opportunity, love, or work; one needs a state-issuedlicense to move one's body, be it across a river, over a mountain or through aforest. The Berlin Wall may be gone, but the basic principle of it lives andthrives.
The greatness ofwhat was once America was built on the sweat of millions of "undocumented"immigrants who just wanted a shot.  America is long forgotten, and now theUS will fall as the doors close to the best and brightest.
Funnily enough,despite all of their misconceptions about how and where goods come from,millions of American families actually have it right when they bow their headsand thank Jesus for the food he lay before them each night.  They justpronounce "Jesus" wrong.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Student Richard O'Dwyer can be extradited over TV website

The land of the free and home of the brave has again shown its true colors - land of the imprisoned and home of the cowardly fool.

So the kid had a links page showing where to obtain US TV shows for free. Now far be it from me to judge the likes of who would want to watch this pure unadulterated corporate drivel, in a free country that is your right. The US government should always be on the side of the individual and not the corporation. If the corporation fears it may lose money it may have grounds for a civil action, but criminal action? Oh no!

Isn't this the bullying action of an out of control rogue state that cares not about individual civil liberties - the same "liberties" incidentally that it exports worldwide from the wrong end of a very powerful gun? I sincerely hope that this case garners enough support and common sense will eventually prevail - spread the word.

The founding fathers turn in there graves once more......  

Daily Telegraph

Richard O’Dwyer, a computer science student at Sheffield Hallam University, faces up to 10 years in a federal prison for operating TVShack.

The 23-year-old, described as “quiet, introverted and vulnerable” by his father, is accused of criminal copyright infringement.

The website did not itself host unlawful downloads or video streams, but acted as a directory of links to others that did, Westminster Magistrates' Court heard.

American authorities allege that Mr O’Dwyer made more than $230,000 by selling advertising on TVShack in three years until December 2010. It became one of the 1,800 most popular websites in the world, with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

District Judge Quentin Purdy rejected all three of the defence’s arguments against extradition, including claims Mr O’Dwyer would not get a fair trial in the United States and that if a crime was committed he should be prosecuted in Britain.

The case echoes that of the Asperger’s syndrome suffer Gary McKinnon, who hacked into Pentagon systems a decade ago in search of evidence of extraterrestrial technology. His case has prompted a campaign against Britain’s “unbalanced” extradition treaty with the United States and remains in limbo.

Richard O'Dwyer's case will pile more pressure on the government to change the rules to make it more difficult to extradite Britons to America. Last month MPs voted for “urgent reform”.

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, again called for action following today's ruling.

"The judicial process must obviously be allowed to take its course, but it is a source of concern that Mr O’Dwyer is to be extradited to the USA to stand trial for actions which were carried out in the UK," he said.

"This climate of uncertainty is not a situation which should be allowed to persist and I hope that the Home Secretary will act soon to clarify the government’s position on extradition”

Mr O’Dwyer, dressed in blue jeans and a grey Mickey Mouse jumper, did not react when Judge Purdy delivered his ruling to a full court room on Friday afternoon.

Speaking outside the hearing, Mr O’Dwyer’s mother, Julia, a paediatric nurse from Chesterfield, called on the coalition to act.

“David Cameron and Nick Clegg both promised to sort out the extradition mess before the election,” she said. “They need to pull their fingers out.”

“It’s all wrong. How many people get extradited to America and how many come here? Not many.”

“If they can come for Richard they can come for anyone.”

Mrs O’Dwyer added that her son intends to immediately lodge an appeal at the High Court. The extradition must first be approved by the Home Secretary, however.

The defence believed its strongest argument against extradition was that Mr O'Dwyer had not committed an offence under British law, because TVShack did not itself host copyright material. European law says no crime is committed if a website acts as a “mere conduit”.

However, Judge Purdy rejected the argument from Mr O’Dwyer’s barrister, Ben Cooper of Doughty Street Chambers, because of the control the student had over what links were posted on TVShack.net and TVShack.cc.

He set up the second website a day after authorities shut down the first in July 2010. The main page of the new version included the cover image from a rap single called “F*** the Police”, according to American prosecutors.

“Firstly both TVShack websites were entirely in the hands of Richard O’Dwyer and his co conspirators requiring third parties to sign up to TVShack and be vetted before going further,” Judge Purdy said.

The judge agreed with John Jones, barrister for the United States government, that “because he was intimately involved in deciding who was allowed to post links on the TVShack websites, which links would be posted”, Mr O’Dwyer’s alleged conduct was a criminal offence under British copyright law.

In its argument the defence had cited the 2010 case of TV-Links, a website that offered a similar directory of links to pirated material to TVShack. The judge found it was acting as a “mere conduit” and dismissed the criminal charges against the two men who operated TV-Links.

Judge Purdy however found Mr O’Dwyer had exercised too much control over TVShack to successfully claim the same defence.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More UK Council Tax Threats

Well, here we are again - more fuckwittery from South Glos Council regarding Council Tax. They just don't get it do they? Anyway, see below their latest email and my replies. (I guess you'l need to read this from the bottom up as it were!)

Threats threats and more threats. Lets' see if they begin extradition proceedings or ask the US to send me to Gitmo - I'm shitting myself laughing!!!!!

South Glos has never cooperated with me regarding the abovetherefor I have no wish to cooperate with it. Also, I do not reside at xxxxxxxxxxx and my whereabouts are private and are no business of yours.

Furthermore, go take your threats of “bankruptcy proceedings”and “committal to prison” to some other easily intimidated poor sap who maytake you seriously – I don’t!  

Council Tax legislation is a statute that only has force byconsent.  For the record, I have no wish to be bothered by you again nordo I consent to any of your requests. Kindly refrain from emailing/harassing meany further and all communication regarding this or any other matter will ceaseforthwith.

From: Recovery [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@southglos.gov.uk]
Sent: 06 January 2012 08:54
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Council Tax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mr xxxxxx

Please confirm your alternative contact details; property addressand telephone number, and I will contact you by this method rather than thisemail address.

I have an address for you of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so unless Ireceive further contact I may send correspondence to you care of this property.

As the Council has been unable so far to make payment arrangementswith you I regret the next step will either be bankruptcy proceedings or anapplication to the Magistrates Court for committal to prison, as per currentCouncil Tax legislation. To avoid this course of action I need an arrangementfrom you to clear the balance outstanding.

In the circumstances I would begrateful for your cooperation on this matter and look forward to hearing fromyou as a matter of urgency so that we may resolve this situation without theneed for the above course of action.
Yours sincerely
Tel 01454 xxxxxxxx.

From: xxxxx
Sent: 05 January 2012 21:30
To: Recovery
Subject: RE: Council Tax xxxxxxxxxx

Do not email me again. This email address is private and you donot have my consent to use it.

Thank you

From: Recovery [mailto:xxxxxx@southglos.gov.uk]
Sent: 05 January 2012 17:42
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: Council Tax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DearMr xxxxxxxxxxx

Pleasecontact me as a matter of urgency regarding unpaid council tax at thisproperty.

Failure to do so will leave the council with no option but to instigateproceedings to recover the balance outstanding.


Mr xxxxxxxx
SeniorRecovery Officer
Tel:01454 xxxxxxx

NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests

The absurdity of America today never ceases to amaze. In fact, it has become so elaborate that one might even suggest it has reached a kind of poetic symmetry. When a protest group is willing to stick their necks out to expose the horror of the National Defense Authorization Act and its open door strategy for unconstitutional arrest and indefinite detainment of American citizens, I have to stand up and applaud. This is the kind of protest we need to see all over the country. Of course, any establishment system which is willing to dissolve the inherent liberties of its citizens certainly isn't going to stand by quietly while they blatantly point out the injustice. The Grand Central Terminal action featured in the video below is a perfect example of the swift and immediate stifling of peaceful dissent by an increasingly totalitarian government:

Responses to the event vary. Most people who have actually been exposed to the facts on the NDAA have expressed utter disgust and fury. Rightly so. Some, however, have taken the old elitist mantra, perpetuated effectively by the Neo-Cons in their heyday, that if you are not for the system, then you are a danger to society. Not surprisingly, there are still plenty of useful idiots out there buzzing about like parasites in search of blood.

For those who would applaud these arrests, and suggest that they are well deserved, I would have to ask very pointedly; why?

Is it right to crush free speech as long as the message is offensive to you personally? Do peaceful protestors really present a legitimate threat to our national stability? Are they truly more dangerous than a corrupt government hellbent on assassinating the legal protections of our natural rights which have existed for centuries? Would any supporter of the jackboot methodology like to explain to me in a coherent manner why they believe their skewed world view should be shielded from sincere questions? Please, I can't wait to witness the kind of ridiculous mental gymnastics required to make such arguments palatable. If this kind of ignorance wasn't so destructive, it might actually be entertaining.

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter if these activists were in Grand Central Terminal, on the streets, or busting through the doors of the Oval Office. While New York authorities will attempt to argue property loopholes in free speech protections for Grand Central, or national security because of the vulnerability of the terminal, really, this has nothing to do with either. This is about the removal of American voices from a room, and nothing more. If the message is going to be suppressed by the mainstream media, and shrugged off by representatives, then protesters must go to where the people are, and make the truth heard by whatever means necessary.

Ultimately, activism is about disturbing people's normal mundane routines and shocking them out of their pop-culture stupor, even if for a moment. If we aren't allowed to do that without constant police intervention, then the First Amendment is not being served, and then, my friends, we have a problem, a problem which should be forced down the throat of government with even more public action.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

People Without A Country

Jim Kirwan 

This place is pretending to hold elections according to a pre-arranged schedule, but between the last election and today the country itself has literally disappeared. The Congress & the Dictator have passed and signed into law a bill that officially ends the relationship between the Constitution and the public. Therefore no one can argue for or against anything because nothing is legal anymore because without a constitution there is no basis for any of the laws upon which this nation was supposed to exist. So, among other things these selections are an outright fraud upon the public that remains asleep, when the subject has anything to do with politics. NO ONE who is running for any office today is a legitimate candidate because all of those offices that are being voted on, no longer exist: Anyone that believes that nothing has changed is dead wrong. Everything has changed especially when it comes to anything political!

The United States Government had its last day on December 31, 2011. Since January 1, 2012 the US has is now leading the global Axis of Evil by a wide margin. All law-enforcement badges have become meaningless because "law enforcement officials' no longer are charged with protecting the public: They exist only to harass and intimidate all possible Enemies of the State, which the government has now officially labeled every man woman or child living here to be guilty of.

The US military has taken over from the police and all the other Alphabet-soup cadre of "officials" that once had something to do with investigations or prosecutions of criminals. All of that has been done away with now because we no longer need evidence to arrest people and make them disappear forever ­ all that is required is an uncorroborated suspicion, followed by a military arrest and after that everything goes dark, for the "suspected individuals." Apparently it has yet to be decided what is to be done with all these ridiculous cops and agents that are no longer needed now that the military has officially been put "in-Charge" in flagrant violation of Posse Comitatus that since the Civil War has kept US troops out of the lives of civilians. But Caesar has put an end to all of that! 

Unless you work for the government ­ everyone in this country who was celebrating the New Year just four days ago, have suddenly and almost silently become 'people without a country!'

I really thought that when the congress and Caesar committed this political murder of the entire nation and our way of life (something that no other nation or collective group of terrorists could ever do) ­ I believed there would have been a very real and extremely-vehement BACKLASH! How very WRONG I was to have expected that people so conditioned to living under their own private rocks of denial, could ever surface long enough to grasp what has just happened to us all. Death-Squad Reagan gave them permission to hide from everything, that might frighten them or terrify their children, and so far at least apparently that's still working, because almost no one I've spoken with believes that this is now a fact: but it IS a fact, as most people will finally discover before this month is out.

There will very soon be a lot of changes being made, most of them, not to your liking. But for those that who might not understand the magnitude of what has happened, let me outline just a few of the things that have changed, even if you are still not aware of them.
Dictator's have no need at all for legislatures, lobbyists, commissions, investigations, law, or justice; because Dictators just like the Roman God Caesar are gods in their own minds and need none of the trappings of the government they smashed; in order to free Obama from being just a man who was once supposedly a US president. Nor does Caesar have any further need for Unions or committees of interested parties, or for bureaucracies of any kind; and he no longer needs to tolerate all those inconvenient national or international laws: Because he and he alone is "the only law" that actually matters. 

Nor does he care about political affiliations or anything else that might diminish his stature as Supreme Leader of the Known World. Because now that this insane-individual has just given himself the sole power of life & death, over anyone anywhere in the world, to kill whomever he likes, whenever he chooses, and wherever on the planet his targets might reside-including inside the old and now Disgraced-United-States of America.
His edicts and his soon to surface mandates will solve every problem, and if not: That then that's okay too, just as long as he doesn't get too crazy because after all he's just a sock-puppet serving the various criminal-elites around the world.

Once Amerikans finally accept the fact that this has already happened and that we ARE indeed 'PEOPLE WITHOUT A COUNTRY" then and only then will we begin to realize what it is to live in a fourth­world country, a no-man's land filled with outrage, rape, pillage and plunder by whoever has the strongest-thugs or the most weapons. There are some things that we need to see before we will actually believe that what has happened is true. So to underscore the truth the government needs to take everything in the Library of Congress out onto the National Mall and have a giant fire. This could be called The Bonfire of Naïveté ­ so that we could dispense with all that dead history and meaningless "law" in one fell swoop. For those unable to attend this mega-event: This could be televised along with its very own logo and music, much as was done for the beginning of the WAR on IRAQ? That could even become a national holiday to replace the Fourth of July that is now obviously something that only terrorists will celebrate!

And just to speed things up a bit maybe Caesar might want to use the occasion to unveil his new version of "our-flag"? Of course it has yet to be designed, but something will have to be created to replace the now repulsive Stars & Stripes (Obama never liked that old flag anyhow), The new one will most definitely include the Zionista-Star of David, and definitely a Swastika ­ maybe they could manage to work in the Skull & Bones partial skull and crossed bones such as was used for the Nazi Officer's insignia in the old German SS? Or maybe the skull & bones could stand for the piracy which has always been a cornerstone of what was hiding behind the thrones of power for oh so long? But it might very difficult to create a flag for a nation without a people!

The new US government of this open air-prison-camp (that is still masquerading as a free country) will make Saddam Hussein look like a Saint, and when they have managed to attempt to do to us what North Korea has already done; except that instead of just shutting down this country our Caesar plans to turn the whole world into to something that will make North Korea look prosperous & free, by comparison!

If you doubt this, just have a look around on the web, the UN has begun shutting down US cities all over this country and replacing their elected officials with corporate and private employees that override all elected officials; and that is already underway. In addition you might want to watch for the national draft that will very soon just pop-up and become very nasty. For decades they have been forcing young people of all sexes to register for civil-service (what used to be called the DRAFT).

Now since millions of more jobs will magically begin to disappear something must be done with all the soon to be unemployed. So the choice will be work for the good (bad) guys, as a draftee in the military or get sent to the camps and take your chances there where each of those camps already has over 100,000 coffins ready and waiting for those that 'just don't seem to work out.' The DRAFT covers everyone up to the age of 42 years-so all those air-heads might just get their chance to learn how to fight for (whatever this place will be called) once Caesar decides what the name of his new country ought to be. You know it's already been divided into twelve sections, each one indicated by a Roman numeral-there will be no more "States" in the new country.

What will happen to all those now totally useless government jobs that will obviously no longer be needed in Caesar's New Country? There will be no need for any government agencies-they'll all just be replaced with idiots in military uniforms complete with weapons-because everything now is technically "the job" of the US military (or maybe for the highly-sensitive jobs of torture & murder) might be given to Blackwater or some other mercenary thugs) for the really ugly slaughter that he has planned for his personal enemies list.

Why has no-one ever challenged how we went from having 17 people on the NO-FLY list on September 10, 2001 to the unknown number that exceeds two million today-despite the fact that there have not been any terror-events, since 2001 (that weren't FBI sting-operations)? No more actual attacks, but millions of people have suddenly been targeted as SUSPECTS that are supposedly dangerous enough not to be allowed to fly? Any organization that could virtually destroy the freedom to enjoy air travel in this country; could be said to have cost this nation dearly.
TSA has cost us over a trillion dollars already and they have produced hatreds that have angered and enraged millions of people-but have yielded no results when it comes to why that organization was formed in the first place. Trillions wasted, no results, and all of it is run by descendents of the same people that were guilty of massive failures on 911 during the attacks. WHY? Michael Chertoff that walking talking skeleton who was our very first Director of HOMELAND-INSECURITY, has made billions off those backscatter scanners, and he's in excellent standing with the Zionistas and the US government-WHY! If the truth were to be told the real terrorists are right here and holding government jobs or appointments; and in reality EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!

Apparently the people were getting too close to actually asking real questions and maybe to even demanding real answers-maybe that's why this entire nation needed to be ended now? The excuse that the administration gave was that there is about to be a global collapse of the global-financial-structure: So their answer to the problem they just created is to brand every American as an ENEMYof the STATE, and seize all our property before throwing us all in prison or worse?
It seems like it would be a whole lot easier to just fire every executive anywhere and start over from scratch. A lot less people would suffer and with the money that the élites have stolen, we'd have enough to restart the whole world. Oops, but we waited too long and now we're all "WITHOUT A COUNTRY."

On top of that: think about this. If there were some kind of natural disaster that killed every manager, politician and or figurehead-the country could actually improve everything that we needed to do--yesterday. These 'managers' contribute nothing to anything constructive and basically just steal the profits earned by those they employ: Because in and of themselves they are personally worthless parasites, and always have been!
Now we've allowed them to take total control over our food and water, as well as all our money. So with the new regulations the only place that anyone will be able to eat or survive (during the coming meltdown) will be in the FEMA camps.

'People Without a Country' are the most vulnerable people on the planet, because no one officially cares whether they live or die; they will just become another revenue stream and they are totally expendable-in all cases! They can be shot or tortured, experimented on, repeatedly raped or sold into slavery or just used until they die.

People Without a Country have no future because they never had a real past in which they ever cared about anything enough to fight for that future!
How could so many people here chose to let their country be so publicly stolen from them, without even a whisper of protest. . .

Maybe someday someone will finally figure that out, but for now the most immediate task is: What the hell are you going to do when this nightmare comes to your front door?