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Biggest Mountain in the Solar System

This is the largest in the solar He's Mountain. Olympus Mons, is the largest mountain on Mars which is also the largest mountain in our solar. Mount Olympus Mons is soaring to the height of up to 27 km and has a diameter of 550 km. In the legs, Olympus Mons is surrounded by steep cliffs with a minimum altitude of 6 km. At the peak, the mountain is a crater 85 km in diameter.

Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons is even higher than mount Everest pile. We can stack three Mount Everest, the highest point on earth, and mount olympus mons is still much higher than mount Everest pile.

height ratio between the olympus mons with a high mount Everest

Mount the largest diameter of the earth is Mauna Loa mountains (Hawaii), which has a diameter of over 120 km. Compare with a diameter of Olympus Mons (550 km).

9 Ways Relieves Pain After Heart Drop Love

9 Ways Relieves Pain After Heart Drop Love
Breakup is painful, but try not to get caught up in protracted grief. Reported by Your Romance Guide, there are nine ways you can do to relieve pain after a breakup:

1. Do not Meet with Former Lover Temporary
After the breakup, avoid meeting or relate to your ex-lover. Feelings of shame that still exist may encourage you to call, send text messages or met him. But this action will only remind the pain out of love. You must be completely sever ties with the former, at least for several months to heal hurt feelings.

2. 'Enjoy' It's Pain
It is very reasonable when we lose someone you love. When feeling pain, it means a sign that you're in the process of healing. Weep if you want to cry, and shout if indeed it can make sense of some relief. The pain after a broken love can inspire you to do something better, you never have before.

3. Self occupied
The best way to heal wounds from broken love and forget the former is to keep myself busy. You will not be thinking about former lover, if not give the brain a chance to remember it. Try actively involved in various activities. Choose activities you enjoy. Not only refreshes the mind, many activities also divert your mind from the former.

4. Grief devote You Just To Friend Close
It's okay to tell how hurt you after a breakup. But that does not mean you can talk to every person you meet. Instead of sympathy, these actions can actually make friends away from you. Bijaklah in addressing the 'tragedy' your breakup. Speak only in a friend or someone close to you, just understand you and want to hear any complaints. It would be better if that person can soothe, find solutions and encourage you to continue living.

5. Pour out your feelings in writing
Spilling all the resentment in the writing could be other alternatives to relieve pain from broken hearts. Remove all the pain, frustration and anger you in the diary, piece of paper or computer (but do not pass it to the group email or social networking). After recovering from the
and painful, you can read it again as a means of introspection to establish better relations with the next pair.

6. Meditation
Meditation is one of the old techniques for relaxation and relax a tense mind. Sit quietly in your room, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remove it slowly. While relaxing, you can keep negative things from your mind. Light the candles aromatherapy and instrumental music to add a sense of calm during relaxation.

7. Give Attention on the Family
Parents, older brother or sister may be the people who have a big impact on your life. They will always be on your side good times and difficult. When a love affair with a former lover, maybe you do not provide much time for family. This is the time you devote much time and hanging out with family. Try to get them to recreation, or simply have dinner together. The warmth of the family is the most potent medicine to cure wounds.

8. Focus on Careers
Do not let grief interfere with your work performance. It may be hard to concentrate on work when we suffered a problem. But try to make a career as a priority in your life. With a focus on work, not only helps you forget the heartache, but also improve the performance of your work in the office.

9. Enjoy Solitude
Recover from the pain of a breakup is not easy. Therefore, you need time to calm down for a while. Do not immediately try establishes a new relationship after a breakup to escape.

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Mysterious markings discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza

London, England (CNN) -- A robot explorer has revealed ancient markings inside a secret chamber at Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

The markings, which have lain unseen for 4,500 years, were filmed using a bendy camera small enough to fit through a hole in a stone door at the end of a narrow tunnel.

It is hoped they could shed light on why the tiny chamber and the tunnel -- one of several mysterious passages leading from the larger King's and Queen's chambers -- were originally built.

The markings take the form of hieroglyphic symbols in red paint as well as lines in the stone that may have been made by masons when the chamber was being built.


According to Peter Der Manuelian, Philip J. King Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University, similar lines have been found elsewhere in Giza. "Sometimes they identify the work gang (who built the room), sometimes they give a date and sometimes they give guidelines to mark cuttings or directional symbols about the beginning or end of a block," he said.

"The big question is the purpose of these tunnels," he added. "There are architectural explanations, symbolic explanations, religious explanations -- even ones relating to the alignment of the stars -- but the final word on them is yet to be written. The challenge is that no human can fit inside these channels so the only way to do this exploration is with robots."

Pictures of the markings have been published in the Annales du Service Des Antiquities de l'Egypte, the official publication of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, following an international mission led by the Minister for Antiquities.

The robot explorer that took the images is named Djedi, after the magician whom Pharaoh Khufu consulted when planning the layout of the Great Pyramid. It was designed and built by engineers at the University of Leeds, in collaboration with Scoutek UK and Dassault Systemes, France.
Although robots have previously sent back pictures from within the pyramid's tunnels, Djedi's creators say it is the first to be able to explore the walls and floors in detail, rather than just take pictures looking straight ahead, thanks to a "micro snake" camera.

The camera also scrutinized two copper pins embedded in the door to the chamber at the end of the tunnel. In a statement, Shaun Whitehead, of Scoutek UK, said: "People have been wondering about the purpose of these pins for over 20 years. It had been suggested that they were handles, keys or even parts of an electrical power plant, but our new pictures from behind the pins cast doubt on these theories.

"We now know that these pins end in small, beautifully made loops, indicating that they were more likely ornamental rather than electrical connections or structural features. Also, the back of the door is polished so it must have been important. It doesn't look like it was a rough piece of stone used to stop debris getting into the shaft."

The team's next task is to look at the chamber's far wall to check whether it is a solid block of stone or another door.

"We are keeping an open mind and will carry out whatever investigations are needed to work out what these shafts and doors are for," said Whitehead. "It is like a detective story, we are using the Djedi robot and its tools to piece the evidence together."

Helmets World's First Fold

Sydney - A unique helmets that can be folded created by an Australian. This helmet is called the world's first folding helmet. Where did the idea of ​​making this folding helmet come from? After his helmet stolen in Indonesia.

The creator, Jessica Dunn graduated from design school in Australia and gave the name of an innovative helmet design with the name of Proteus.

The process of creation of this helmet as quotes from autoevolution, Monday (05/30/2011) Jessica got when he was in Indonesia. At that time, Jessica was faced with the fact that he had lost his helmet. From there came the idea of ​​making a helmet.

"I was driving a motorcycle every day when I visited Indonesia for the exchange student. But I have to buy a helmet from the roadside because the helmet was stolen property. Finally I had to bring a helmet it every day for 5 months and I want a helmet that can be put in the bag back, "he said.

Helmets World's First Fold

Mechanism of folding helmet

And as a result, artificial Proteus Jessica is also nominated for the Australian Design Award from the James Dyson (Australian millionaire). The winner will be announced on July 22, 2011 in Melbourne. Wow stolen thief, uh yes actually be a source of inspiration.

VW Beetle with the body of Wood Oak

VW Beetle
Celinac, Bosnia - Automotive Enthusiasts sometimes modify his car in a strange way. But not infrequently the result even be unique.

One of them Momir Bojic who changed his 1974 Volkswagen Beetle into a wooden car. Man from Sarajevo, Bosnia was not using iron raw material to wrap the old car, melaikan using Oak wood.

As reported República, Monday (05/30/2011) Bojic disarm the original body of the Frog into the wood in just over a month only.

Remarkably Bojic not help anyone, he diligently to modify his car at his home, located in Celinac.

He also managed to build a wooden car with kedetilan and precision level is quite perfect. Starting from the body, bumpers, wipers, mirrors, light bulb up to home plate numbers of vehicles.

Is not that great. With a relatively short time that he was able to do remodeling VW Bettle 1974 to the timber body. He claimed VW Bettle berbodi wood can still be run as well as other frog that uses the body of the metal plate.

5 most luxurious in the World Racing Circuit

You include a biker heavyweight? Are you also handyman streets aka backpacker? Well, if so, of course, must have the courage and certainly a thick wallet or a pilgrimage to be visited in the ten best motor racing circuit in the world. Full story, stories, and history, ten racing circuit are spread across the continent of Europe, Asia, until at the southern tip of Africa. So, grab your traveling bag, backpack, air ticket and also your passport to explore places "sacred" to the lovers of motor racing world.

1. Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca

Outside the U.S. mainland, this circuit can be referred to as the famous circuit in North America. Host the contest race racing like MotoGP, WSB, and AMA racing. Laguna Seca is dominated by legendary liukan, Corkscrew corner, an instance of a downward spiral that makes it difficult every TV camera. Andretti hairpin segment lap at Laguna Seca a unique obstacle for the racers. Circuit along the 2238 mile, 11 turns itself berlatarkan lush green forest park, near, California.

2. Brands Hatch


Located 20 miles from London, Brands Hatch became one of the favorite circuit in the UK. Circuit along 2.3, ninth curve when it hosted the legendary WSB races in the 1990s, where 100,000 people poured watch races on this circuit.

3. TT Course


The Isle of Man is a unique island located between Britain and Ireland, have their own parliament, legal and tax systems. After the financial crisis the world, the island is mostly inhabited by bankers and motorcycle racers - well, now only the drivers are still living. TT racing circuit Course first opened in 1907, and the race is still performed to this day but with a closed road route. It's not all rural valley street segment, a bumpy road and a beautiful texture, make this island as a paradise for even the craziest biker who wants to be free encyclopedia speeding police. Modern circuit along the 37.5 mile TT Course, plus 200 corner ready to devoured by anyone.

4. Phillip Island

Phillip Island

Island with racing circuit is located in the coastal hills at Phillip Island, giving an aura of its own for the drivers of the world. Along the 2.7 miles with 12 corners, including the legendary bend down a tense, Lukey Heights. Watching the warriors fighting one another GP bike in position is the best racing moments and unforgettable.

5. Donington


Donington Park is one of the most popular circuits in the UK. Being in the middle of England, near Leicester, the circuit along the 2.5-mile, 12 corner has two sharp bends of the famous, Redgate and Craner Curves. Contours of the race circuit a little steep, making every MotoGP race to be so called. And for the diehards motor racing in Britain, Donington heart bak British sport.

10 Actions "Cruel" Women to Men

Women to Men
WOMAN is known as a gentle creature of God. But that does not mean that womankind can not do the naughty and "cruel" to the man she loved.

Recently, Fox News has presented 10 actions "cruel" women against men and how women capable of toying with the emotions and egos of men, as reported by the Times of India.

1. Do not want to pick up the phone
While men often record and considering the number of new women who knew, the weather would often give a false phone number and do not want to pick up the phone.

2. Utilizing the men for free drinks
Some women had never planned to use the money to drink in a bar or club. But, they take advantage of her feminine side to convince the man to pay his drink.

Even more cruel, rather than stay and get to know the man better, some of the women actually take a drink that has been paid and left.

3. Utilizing the man only as a stepping stone
If the woman is good, she'll dump you and move on. But if he's ruthless, he will maintain the relationship until there is a new guy coming in her life.

Like a stepping stone, this woman can not become singles. So he'll hang with you and your status as soon as possible to find a replacement.

4. Manipulate men with emotional
Men do not like to see women cry, and cruel woman take advantage of it. In fact, they use crying to get what it wants. Because the tears that flow will make him do anything.

5. Using physical violence
The man who beat a woman will give the impression of a crime criminal. However, women actually feel it is acceptable if the hit man, and the adam would not hit back.

Cruel woman felt that the conflict can be completed by physical pain on the part of men, without any reflection effect.

6. Criticize him in public
Women's cruel and humiliating criticize their partners in front of many people. They sometimes feel pleasure when he flicked, or even humiliate him through words.

7. Showed no relationship status
Very annoying when women who already have a pair still makes her partner assume that he is still alone. And she can enjoy every temptation and call another man.

8. Refuse sex
This is a severe trial and action terkeji women against men. For some men, sex is like a gust of breath. Holding the man's desire, just going to torture. Especially when she used the excuse of refusing to make love to get his wish, though sometimes this action effective.

9. Frequently test the couples
When a woman knows her partner plan to spend time with friends, she'll call all of a sudden and said he wanted to meet. If the man loves her, she will soon come.

This is a test. If you choose not to come see him, you fail. This is a test of the relationship that tends to cruel but smooth.

10. Tempting to view the content of jealousy
Perhaps women feel under-appreciated, or you've just fought with her, or she just likes moments where you are jealous and tormented because of his actions.

For other reasons, women who seduce other men directly in front of her female partner showed an immature and manipulative.

Do not choose a mate from the deep ...
hopefully useful for those who want to find a mate!

5 Artist Hollywood with the World's Most Beautiful Breasts

Here are 5 celebrities who have breast Hollywood's most sexy, as quoted from Hollyscoop. Please judge for yourself whether original or have their breasts 'faces made':

1. Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan breasts

Lindsay is a girl's breast size differs significantly from age. Artists are often called Lilo is ever down his weight by 10 kg when adult. However, cup size breasts remained the same. He said he did not do anything special to keep the size of her breasts in order to remain large. ,

"Actually I do not really like to talk about breast size. But my final size is 36 D," said Lindsay Lohan.

2. Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks cup size

Actress television drama 'Mad Men' look sexy with his baggy shirt. Site MrBra.com guess breast size 38 DDD. Apparently, all clothing worn actress, best costume for the show, or a red carpet dress, exposing her breasts look beautiful.

Christina recently said, did not like the attention because of his body. However, with such beautiful breasts, he had enough attention without having to show it. "I do not do breast surgery. This is as it is," he said.

3. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has the ideal body shape is much desired by women. The curve of her body is very sexy, not skinny and not fat, very fitting. Her breasts are a 36-C could be a headline in the media when he was nursing an infant in Sierra Leone. She divides her milk to the baby because the baby's breast no longer produce milk.

"The baby is very healthy, but his mother's body does not produce milk. The baby was hungry. I also breastfeed my child Valentina, but milk production is still a lot because I was pumping it. So, I was nursing the baby. The baby stopped crying when I nurse," Hayek said.

4. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Many have questioned how Megan Fox with her ​​tiny body, but has large breasts, with size 34 C. The news circulating it through surgery to enlarge breast. If he did do it, 'work' the surgeon was very neat.
5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Whatever the age of Halle Berry, beautiful breasts with size 36 C to keep it in Dalan list of sexy actresses in Hollywood. That's evidenced by his appearance in the film 'Jungle Fever' in 1991, until the 'Swordfish' and 'Monster's Ball', ten years later. Even after giving birth, breast remains taut.

Mysterious deaths of 2 hunters UFO

In 1966, two men who are obsessed with UFOs went into a hill in Rio De Janeiro. Three days later, the two men's bodies were found lying lifeless with an unknown cause of death until today.

This mysterious case earned the nickname of The Mystery of the Masks Lead Case and is one of the most mysterious deaths in the history of Brazil. Perhaps due to the fact that the two victims are men who are obsessed with UFOs and so-called attempt to make contact with aliens.

The day was supposed to be a great day for Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana. They have been planning something secret and quite enthusiastic with what might be found.

So, on August 17, 1966, they left the city where they live, Campos dos Goytacazes. To the family, they said it would buy some electronic materials for the job. Both men are technicians television.

At that time they took a sum of 2300 Brazilian Real.

Manoel and Miguel then took the bus and arrived in Niteroi in at 14:30. They stopped at a shop and buy a coat and a bottle of drinking water. Later waiter at the store said that Miguel looked very nervous and always looking at his watch.

Whatever is being planned for these two, they seemed very rushed.

From the store, the two men immediately went to Morro do Vintem (Hill Vintem), Rio De Janeiro.

They never imagined that the place would be the end of their journey.

Three days later, on August 20, 1966, a 18 year old named Jorge da Costa Alves was flying kites on the hill when he witnessed a strange sight.

In one part of the hill, Jorge saw two bodies lying on the surface of the hill covered with shrubs and tall grass. Both wore similar clothes. Each also wore a kind of protective coat. Surprisingly, the two men lying neatly while wearing masks of tin.

Jorge closer and realized that both the figure was already lifeless. With haste, he got off the hill and contacted the police.

Not long after, the site was filled by journalists and police officers. And this is the beginning of a perplexing mystery

Mysterious deaths of 2 hunters UFO

What caused their death?

Police combed the location of the discovery of the bodies immediately and collect all objects that could be a clue. However, any instructions that are found even make it grow mysterious case.

For the record, it becomes a mysterious case not only because of the condition of the corpse filled with puzzles. However, because the coroner who examined the bodies are not able to determine the cause of death.

On the outside of the body, there were no marks of violence or physical injury that might kill them. Diagnosis is also strengthened by the fact that the tall grass near the body is not damaged which indicates that the two victims did not have struggles or fights in that place.

While on the body part in, the officer can not conclude anything because the organs of the body had decayed due to a delayed autopsy process. These conditions make the test toxin can not be done. So we will never know for sure whether there are toxic substances taken by both.

In addition, other things that add to the mystery aspect of this case are the objects found on the corpse.

Both men were found in a state of wearing a tin mask covering their eyes.

According to the victim's family, both of these masks are made by Manoel and Miguel in their workshops and are intended to protect themselves from radiation. But nobody knows what is meant radiation of both.

In addition to these tin mask, there are several other objects found around the corpse.

Among them was a notebook containing a diagram with one line which reads:

"Estar 16:30 no local determinado. 18:30 ingerir cápsulas, efeito após proteger metais aguardar sinal Mascara"

If translated, this sentence reads: The investigator can not describe the intent of the message.

In addition, the note is confusing because it is made with some spelling and grammar is wrong.

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5 Accidents Can Happen When Sex

Accident or injury can happen anytime, including while you and your partner have sex. Bruises, abrasions and even knock can be experienced every time a married couple having sex and cause pain afterward.

Although it occurs naturally, it does not mean be underestimated. Do not ignore the slightest injury after making love, because even mild but if it happens continuously can also endanger your physical condition as well as couples.

accidents sex

Quoted from thesite, here are five common accidents that occur during sex and how to overcome them.

1. Conflict in the Head
Stomping movement during penetration sex couples may be causing head hit the back or edge of the bed. This can lead to bruised heads, even to fainting when the crunch many times fall on your head. To avoid this, place a pillow near the back of a bed or buying a bed with a padded backrest.

If your partner fainted due to hit during sex, immediately give the space to breathe and paste the sharp-scented perfume in his nose. This method can bring people fainted because of mild shock. But if in five minutes is still not conscious, hurry call an ambulance or doctor.

2. Due to Friction blister
Maybe some couples than ever trying to have sex in bed, so as not boring. For example on the carpet, rugs or bare floors. Friction between the skin with a carpet or other hard material when exposed, might make the skin raw or burned. Hurry treat these blisters with a liquid antiseptic and bandage to prevent infection.

If you want to experiment in sex, do not do it in a coarse medium or hard. Cover the carpet with a bed cover or bed sheets made from soft to minimize the occurrence of injuries.

3. Bite wound
Bite in some specific areas of the body, such as lips, chest, ears or backs can sometimes increase sexual arousal. But if too much enthusiasm 'bite', it could leave scars on the skin blisters or blue pair. To prevent this, ask your spouse to treat you more gently, vice versa. If you or the he could not help himself and the 'accident' had already happened, immediately treat with antiseptic fluid.

4. Scratch pad
Because too enjoy the penetration or before orgasm, usually without realizing someone would scratch his back or arm of her partner. It is perhaps only natural and normal happening during lovemaking. But the wounds left behind should be cured before the infection. Especially when it comes to spending a lot of blood. After the drug was given wounds, scratches with a bandage or plaster bandage wounds.

5. Bruises
Knees, arms, buttocks and legs are part of the body that often experience bruising due to sexual intercourse. Bruising usually occurs because of the small blood vessels rupture due to knock. To heal, compress the bruises with ice cubes wrapped in cloth, or grab something cold from the fridge. If the bruise does not go away, chances are you have injuries and you should ask your doctor for help. Consultation with a gynecologist is necessary, if bruising occurs in an area near the uterus or vagina.

10 The characteristics of people who often stayed up late

10 The characteristics of people who often stayed up late
1. Like wake up late and even until the afternoon
This is because the habit of not sleeping all night so that the day be night, night become day.

2. More spirit of working at night
Yes, here the people who are used to staying up late will feel very passionate about doing something at night, whether it's for work or other things.

3. Eating when hunger comes
The average person who like to stay up as the name sometimes forget to eat, they tend to be cool with their respective activities. in the stomach when they are hungry they eat the new, clearly this is not good for health.

4. Eating so irregular
Ideally, one way to a healthy lifestyle is eating regularly on time. Most of those who like staying up late neglect of this rule, so often exposed to various diseases such as anemia, ulcers, etc..

5. While at the computer doing lazy why-if not essential, very important
if that is relative, because many of those who like staying up late because keasikan in front of the computer such as playing games, browsing, etc..

6. True friends cigarettes + coffee (not all hooked)
This seems to have become a liability and become a habit for those who like staying up late, because especially coffee can reduce drowsiness, so do not be strange if they see people who like to stay up must be very fond of the same thing as coffee and cigarettes.

7. Many ideas lazy way, so I could say it had lured
Due to lack the intensity of sleep at night is exhausting and mind so that they tend to 'less active' in everyday life

8. Sleep when the sun rises each parent diomelin
Maybe this applies to those who still live with their parents, stay up and sleep habits at sunrise obviously not good for health.

9. The eyes look sleepy but wistful melancholy-spirit, looking like a confused person but a lot of knowledge
Habit of staying out clearly influential on one's physical, not just of body conditinn tended to unhealthy, limp, also affects the eyes look glazed, glazed like a zombie.

10. No matter what time to come to work tomorrow
This is something very dangerous for those who like to stay up. Perhaps because of the intensity of sleep at night is less, thus neglecting what is a liability in the daytime.

What Makes People who are bitten mosquitoes Easy

mosquitoes Easy
Certain people bitten by mosquitoes sometimes more often than others, this is of course to make people curious. The following are the characteristics of people who prefer mosquito.

Summer is identical to the number of insects, especially mosquitoes, and only the female mosquitoes that bite just because he needs amino acids from the blood which is useful for her eggs.

Amino acids required by the mosquito is called isoleucine. If a female mosquito can acquire the proper amount of isoleucine, it can store up to 100 eggs. But if not, maybe he was only able to save the 10 eggs.

When mosquitoes pierce the skin so it will release saliva containing certain chemicals so that blood does not clot and she could suck as much blood as possible. And the itchy red bumps that appear on the skin is the body's reaction to mosquito saliva.

People prone to mosquito bites during the morning or dawn (at sunrise) and evening (at sunset) because winged insects that are most often looking for food at times tesebut.

Overall mosquitoes bite humans and other creatures to sustain the species. Here are some things that make a person more often bitten by mosquitoes, as quoted from Hubpages.

1. Having high cholesterol and steroids
People who have high cholesterol and steroids in the skin tends to be more frequently bitten by mosquitoes. Generally, mosquitoes will follow a person who produces a lot of cholesterol in the skin.

2. People with high uric acid levels.
The smell is so strong of uric acid will make it possible for mosquitoes to follow the direction of the smell and bite.

3. People who spend a lot of carbon dioxide.
Mosquitoes will be very interested in the carbon dioxide released by the body, hence people with high carbon dioxide levels tend to be more frequently bitten by mosquitoes.

4. Pregnant women
Generally breath issued by pregnant women contain higher levels of carbon dioxide so that the greater the chances for being bitten by mosquitoes.

5. People with certain blood type
Different types of blood group would issue a different smell, so there is an interesting and also not attractive to mosquitoes. For example, blood type O had the highest odor in body fluids that are easier for mosquitoes to detect.

6. People with soft leather
People with delicate skin will allow mosquitoes to penetrate into the meat. Afterwards he will have easy tersendrii in sucking blood.

7. People who spend a hot body
Mosquitoes like the heat so if a person feels or removing the heat from his body would be given the opportunity for mosquitoes to bite.

8. People who are active outdoors
Generally, mosquitoes will find objects that move so many people are playing outside the room will get a lot of mosquito bites

The world's Greatest Weddings

A wedding video resume on YouTube attract millions accessed in a short time. It's really romantic video concerned and concerted efforts in the making deserves thumbs up.

Creator video duration was about 7 minutes from Atlanta, Matt Still, the United States. Entitled "The Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!" or the greatest marriage proposal, a scene in it is quite stunning.

The video initially shows a boyfriend named Matt Joiner Ginny sitting in a cinema. As usual before the movie started, the cinema displays some other movie trailers that will appear.

Suddenly, there was a movie trailer that looked familiar. Scene showing two men with no visible face each other in conversation.

What a surprise Ginny after seeing that the two men really were her father and her boyfriend, Matt. Matt asks her father for permission to apply for Ginny.

Not missing shock, seen in the movie Matt went to the movie theater where Ginny watching. And in the climactic scene, Matt is really appeared before Ginny to deliver a wedding proposal.

"You are everything to me. Will you marry me?," Matt said as he knelt in front of Ginny.

Ginny who moved mindlessly accepting applications girlfriend, applauded some of the other cinema visitors turned out to be his own family. Video application has now been viewed more than 5 million times on YouTube

World Artists Who Marry 5 fans

Celebrities as if not separated from the 'chase' fan or fans. Not infrequently they lose privacy in the face of a fan-made.

But it turns out, there are a number of celebrities who actually fell in love and eventually married the fans. Here are 5 celebrity fans who eventually marry as a companion to live as quoted from The Frisky:

1. Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes

Maybe, someone knows that he is destined only to a person. So that was experienced by the current wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes. When the movie 'Top Gun' best-selling and renowned throughout the world, with a confident teenager Katie said it would be Tom Cruise's wedding. That's what happened to them was awarded to a daughter, Suri.

2. Kelsey Grammer - Kayte Walsh

Kelsey Grammer-Kayte Walsh

Kayte Walsh, a young flight attendant profession fans managed to steal the hearts Kelsey Grammar in a show. Grammar who was still married to Camille finally divorced his wife who is also a fan of actors 'Cheers' and 'Frasier'is.

3. Jesse James – Sandra Bullock

Jesse James – Sandra Bullock

Believe it or not, Sandra Bullock is a fan of Jesse James before they married. The two met when Sandra drove his godson in the screening of the movie 'Monster Garage', starring Jesse

4. Danny Bonaduce – Amy Railsback

Danny Bonaduce - Amy Railsback

After marriage, Danny Bonaduce Amy Railsback make as a manager. They met several years ago at a coffee shop, when Amy became a substitute teacher in the reality show "Breaking Bobaduce '. Since then, both near and a wedding on the island of Maui on Thanksgiving last.

5. John Travolta – Kelly Preston

John Travolta – Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston have got a hunch will accept destiny as a companion Travolta life since the age of 16 years. When he saw the movie poster 'Grease', Kelly is so confident of being able to win over the idol. In fact, every time, he never tired of stating this actor Eddie Vedder would become her husband. And indeed, angannya materialized.

5 Highest in the World Footballers

So far, we know that Jan Koller (Czech Republic) and Peter Crouch (England) is a footballer with a size that is not ordinary height. But you know if thethe two players do not get into the list of five top footballer in the world . Here's a list of footballers who have higher than Jan Koller (202 cm) and Peter Crouch (201 cm) as reported from Thebesteleven:

1. Kristof van Hout - 208 cm

Kristof Van Hout

Belgian nationality is goalkeeper plays for Belgian club Standard Liege. With the body towering 2.08-meter tall, is considered the best footballer in the world.

2. Yang Changpeng - 205 cm

Yang Changpeng

Currently, China striker ever attempted by the England Premier League club, Bolton Wanderers are playing for the club Kangtian Three Gorges, China. This player is also dubbed as China's Peter Crouch him.

3. Vanja Iveša - 205 cm

Vanja Ivesa

Croatian goalkeeper was playing for Turkish club, Eskisehirspor.

4. Tor Hogne Aarøy - 204 cm

Qyvind Hoas

Tor Hogne Aarøy (born March 20, 1977) is a Norwegian striket for Jef United play in Japan. Before playing in the land of the Rising Sun, tall players are playing at the club Aaslesun FK in Norway.

5. Øyvind HOAs - 203 cm

Qyvind Hoas

Norway striker was playing in Division 2 in Norway with the club FK Sparta Sarpsborg. He is also a former national player of Norway to the age of 21 years and has been linked with Norwich City.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Aussie student finds universe missing mass

Aussie student finds universe's 'missing mass'
SYDNEY (AFP) – A 22-year-old Australian university student has solved a problem which has puzzled astrophysicists for decades, discovering part of the so-called "missing mass" of the universe during her summer break.

Undergraduate Amelia Fraser-McKelvie made the breakthrough during a holiday internship with a team at Monash University's School of Physics, locating the mystery material within vast structures called "filaments of galaxies".

Monash astrophysicist Dr Kevin Pimbblet explained that scientists had previously detected matter that was present in the early history of the universe but that could not now be located.

"There is missing mass, ordinary mass not dark mass ... It's missing to the present day," Pimbblet told AFP.

"We don't know where it went. Now we do know where it went because that's what Amelia found."

Fraser-McKelvie, an aerospace engineering and science student, was able to confirm after a targeted X-ray search for the mystery mass that it had moved to the "filaments of galaxies", which stretch across enormous expanses of space.

Pimbblet's earlier work had suggested the filaments as a possible location for the "missing" matter, thought to be low in density but high in temperature.

Pimbblet said astrophysicists had known about the "missing" mass for the past two decades, but the technology needed to pinpoint its location had only become available in recent years.

He said the discovery could drive the construction of new telescopes designed to specifically study the mass.

Pimbblet admitted the discovery was primarily academic, but he said previous physics research had led to the development of diverse other technologies.

"Whenever I speak to people who have influence, politicians and so on, they sometimes ask me 'Why should I invest in physics pure research?'. And I sometimes say to them: 'Do you use a mobile phone? Some of that technology came about by black hole research'.

"The pure research has knock-on effects to the whole society which are sometimes difficult to anticipate."

Patients who do stupid things at Room Check

Patients who do stupid things at Room Check
Doctors often get a negative image in the eyes of patients, such as arrogant or less listen to patient complaints. To be balanced, the patient also needs to reflect on the mistakes often made when dealing with doctors.

Anything as good as its ability, the physician remains a man who could not possibly change the fate of whether a patient is cured. One way to increase the chances of healing is through cooperation and good communication between doctor and patient.

Cooperation and good communication is sometimes hampered by the attitude of doctors who Jutek, but can also hampered by mistakes committed patients as quoted by CNN on Friday (5/27/2011) below.

1. Receiving a phone call
During his time in the examination room, the phone should be turned off, or at least ignore the first if there is an incoming call. Patients who busy themselves with the cell phone showed that health matters for him is nothing more important than other matters.

2. Lying or playing a secret
To be able to provide the best service, a doctor needs accurate information about their patients. Nothing to confidential, including if the patient is gay, had an abortion or often consume alcohol.

3. Complicated complaints
When complained, the patient liked too much to say that such people 'confide' when what is needed is only part of the doctor where it hurts, how long, hot or not and a few other simple information. The rest doctor will make sure they pass the examination. Skills of doctors to gather information and direct the conversation is very important when faced with patients who are convoluted.

4. File a complaint too short in the registration
Before the patient entered the examination room, doctors could study the first complaint if submitted in detail when you register at the administration. Sometimes the only existing registration file a complaint with sore throat, get checked in like chest pain.

5. Not convey the expectations of the examination
The obligation is to give the best doctors for their patients, but it is very subjective. For example, there are patients who feel only fit with certain drugs, should be submitted at the beginning before doctors prescribe other drugs are less expensive.

6. Do not know the type of medication received
Upon leaving the examination room, the patient should already know what drugs are prescribed by doctors following their respective functions. It should be a duty doctor to deliver it, but a wise patient should know and dare to claim their rights by asking questions.

7. Going by leaving a question
Some doctors did seem a bit grumpy, but not a reason for not asking things that are unclear. The patient pays a doctor to be checked and get information about the disease, so if you have any questions do not go home before getting a satisfactory answer.

8. Do not bring x-rays or other file
If you went to the doctor subscription, this may not be a problem because there are medical records there. But if not, do not ever forget to bring supporting documents such as x-ray examination or a referral.

9. Secretly not agree with the doctor
Some patients do not talk a lot or a say in the examination room, new home when he got angry and did not want to take medication given by doctors. If you do not like the way the doctor to check and type of medication he gave, to convey it or find another doctor.

10. Not abiding but get angry if not cured
Continuing the above points, when the patient agrees with the decision the doctors advice given must be followed properly. Doctors will not be responsible for everything that happens because they do not take medication or lazy obedient control.

Why Difficult Reproduction Total Cigarette Advertising?

Cigarette Advertising
Currently, regulations regarding cigarette advertising on television still has not spelled out too tight and only limited control. Why is difficult to implement a total ban on advertising cigarettes?

Prof. Dr. Budi Sampurna, SH, DFM, SPF (K), SpKP as the Head of Legal and Organization Kemenkes said there are two laws that still allow the advertising of cigarettes as long as these ads do not exist in cigarette form, namely the law on broadcasting and the press.

"Today both the law remains the main obstacle," said Prof. Budi in media gathering to welcome the World Day Without Tambakau with the theme: Regulation Through the best, We Protect Youths from Danger Kemenkes Smoking in the building on Friday (27 / 5 / 2011).

For that based on lengthy discussions the end result for now is to control cigarette advertising in advance. The aim is to prevent young children who still do not know much about smoking exposure by excessive cigarette advertising.

"We're all in this case the ranks of the health ministry wants a total ban (prohibition of the total) including with KPAI, but what we can do is control. At least there is the brake while not stop at all," he said.

Other efforts included in this controlled tobacco company sponsorship for the event (the event) or specific CSR programs to not advertise the event, and restricting tobacco advertising in bilboard.

"While not a total ban, but this control is expected to still have a good impact," said Prof. Budi.

Meanwhile, the health law was already mentioned that tobacco is included in one of these additives. And now RPP on tobacco still under discussion and not yet reached agreement.

Why Smoke Cigarettes more dangerous than the smoke from vehicles?

Cigarette Smoke
Sometimes people ask why cigarette smoke is more attention than the smoke that comes out of the vehicle. This is because cigarette smoke is more dangerous than car exhaust. Why is that?

"Of all the really dangerous, but pollutants from vehicle fumes that contain fewer dangerous, I think it was not unthl 10 such as carbon monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen," said dr H Azimal, MKes as Director of Disease Control
Not Contagious Kemenkes the media gathering to welcome the World Day Without Tambakau with the theme: Regulation Through the best, We Protect Youths from Dangers of Smoking in the building Kemenkes, Friday (27/05/2011).

While various studies explain that in cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 toxic chemicals (toxic) and 43 cancer-causing compounds (carcinogens). This explains why cigarette smoke is more dangerous than car exhaust.

In addition, scientific evidence has also suggested an association between smoking with the occurrence of various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, respiratory system diseases, reproductive disorders and diseases of pregnancy.

"Cigarette smoke is blown into the table if it's rather difficult loss because he is sticky, so what happens if the smoke into the lungs which can be more and more numerous," he said.

dr Azimal said more than 43 million Indonesian children living in a home with smokers and are exposed to cigarette smoke or as a passive smoker. If children are often exposed to smoke so he may be experiencing a slow lung growth, more susceptible to bronchitis, respiratory infections, ear and asthma.

"For example, in a house her father smoked and she had a baby, the baby could have impaired growth," said dr Azimal.

It is estimated that the smell of cigarette smoke are difficult to lose this because cigarette smoke is made of long chains of molecules, so the need for lengthy or difficult to remove, especially on fabrics. In addition, cigarette smoke produced usually contains many substances or residues.

The number of negative impacts that can be generated from cigarette smoke for one's health that makes cigarette smoke more to get attention, even so it does not mean harmless fumes because it still contains compounds that are toxic to the body.

Number of Human Sperm Lose Lots of Other Creatures

Number of Human Sperm Lose Lots of Other Creatures
Number of Human Sperm Lose Lots of Other Creatures

The number of sperm released during ejaculation a man lost a lot of other mammalian species. Sperm production is only able to outperform rats and guinea pigs, even losing a lot of pigs are smaller than humans.

Mammal species that can be synchronized with the humans in relation to sperm production is just a rabbit. Long-eared rodent is able to spend the same amount of human sperm that is 280 million in a single ejaculation.

Other mammals are larger than rabbits are generally issued in a matter of billions of sperm, not just hundreds of millions as well as humans. Sheep spend 1 billion sperm once ejaculated, while most of the pigs 8 billion.

Read more, comparison of the number of sperm cells in one ejaculation in humans and several species of mammal or mammals is as follows, as quoted from Oakland.edu, Thursday (26/05/2011).

1. Pigs (8 billion)
2. Beef (3 billion)
3. Lamb (1 billion)
4. Human (280 million)
5. Rabbits (280 million)
6. Guinea pigs (80 million)
7. Sewer rat (58 million)
8. House mouse (50 million)

The number is certainly only an average taken for the fact that sperm production in humans vary widely. The number of sperm produced is affected by many factors including diet, lifestyle and the frequency of male ejaculation.

At ejaculation, sperm fluid flushed out by male genitalia vary between 2-6 ml with an average of about 4.2 ml or approximately equivalent to 1 teaspoon. Figures obtained 280 million based on the average amount that is 66 million sperm cells / ml.

In men, sperm production is reduced globally in recent decades. Figures 66 million / ml is the result of research conducted in the 1990s, while in the 1940s the number of male sperm cells still reach 113 million / ml.

The more sperm that are produced and released during ejaculation, the higher the man's ability to fertilize their partner. But do not worry, men with sperm concentration of only 20 million / ml, although still able to fertilize a smaller chance of actually needed because only 1 sperm cell.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mystery of the Titanic and the curse of Pharaoh Amen - Ra

In a maximum effort to find an explanation, which makes sense, about the strange events, some reporters, who had been appointed to follow the investigation into the cause of the disaster, managed to put forward a conjecture, which is very surprising.

At the time of the disaster, "Titanic" carries 2200 passengers, 40 tons of potatoes, 1200 bottles of aer-dutch, 7,000 sacks of coffee, 3,500 eggs egg, and others .... and an Egyptian mummy.

The Titanic

The mummy that was owned by a British collector, Lord Canterville, who sent transport from London to New York, where was held the exhibition of ancient Egyptian objects.

The mummy is the corpse of a fortune-teller, who lived in a time of Amenophis IV, his tomb was discovered in Tell el-Amarna. The mummy was, like other Egyptian mummies, wearing very many objects - objects ajimat.

Especially under the head, there is an amulet, containing pictures god Osiris, with text, which reads as follows: "Arise from your sleep, who soundly; your eyes will beat anything, done to you".

Additionally, antiques, for exceptional value, are not included in the room stuff. Sealed in a wooden crate, a sturdy strong, the mummy was laid in the back where the command of Captain Smith.

In "Magic Egypt" (= Egyptian magic), London in 1961, John Newbargton wrote as follows: "that's mummy, which caused Captain Smith's madness. Mummy must be equipped with a protection system based on radioactive emission, which also has destroyed all musical voyage of the ship 'Titanic'. "

12 Celebrity Income Trillions Fall Bankruptcy

Income famous Hollywood celebrities enormous. They can print trillions in his life that probably most of us will not run out until the great-great-Citi us. Many of those who must sell the property of their property are often not even enough to cover its debt .. It must be a big question mark for us what exactly they were doing so could have gone under like this.

12 Celebrity-Income Trillions Fall Bankruptcy

Nicolas Cage
The 46-year-old artist who was earning approximately Rp.35 trillion during his career as a Hollywood actor. But somehow he managed to spend a bunch of money, and declared himself bankrupt in October 2009 and instead involved debt now. He has a debt amounting to Rp.54 billion to American Tax Directorate.

Mike Tyson
World-class heavyweight boxers are in fact already declared himself bankrupt in court in 2003. Later she appeared again on TV ABC America and declare that he is really falling into poverty.

Kate Jackson
Former actor "Charlie's Angels" is now in financial difficulties. Financial advisors take Rp 5 billion each year from him.

Pamela Anderson
Former movie actress famous 'Baywatch' has a tax debt amounting to Rp 5 billion.

Dustin Diamond
Former 'Saved By The Bell' was in difficulties. Dustin on demand Rp.200 million over his tax home and still owes billions upon payment Rp.2.6 sell his house in Wisconsin.

Annie Liebovitz
This famous photographers around Rp.220 billion in debt. In April, Brunswick Capital Partners, financial management company said that Annie has a debt amounting to Rp.7.2 Billion to them.

December last year, Sinbad, who has a real name David Adkins, declared bankruptcy after being chased by tax debt amounting to Rp.72 billion. This 53-year-old comedian also had to sell his home in Los Angeles with a price Rp.27 billion when he bought it more than Rp 50 billion in the year 2007.

Flava Flav
This guy is payable more than about 600 million rupiahs to the ex-girlfriend, Angie Parker for his living expenses of children after divorce. He is also being chased by the Directorate of Taxes on debts amounting to Rp1.8 United Billion.

Stephen Baldwin
This man lost his family wealth and well, but it still has not lost faith in the Gospel. The actor has declared bankruptcy in July 2009 after engaging in debt amounting to Rp.21 billion.

Antoine Walker
Former NBA player known to have penghasillan Rp1 trillion this for 13 years playing in the NBA. However, former NBA player is visible debt. July last year, casinos in Las Vegas sue him for giving a blank check with no money for Rp.9 Billion

Sarah Margaret Ferguson
Sarah is the former wife of Prince Andrew, England. Sarah mempuyai debt of more than USD 3.6 billion. He is also on the table hijaukan with tuntuntan of Rp.360 million for failing to stop the production of his book that kontroverisal.

Lindsay Lohan
These celebrities have credit card debt amounted to Rp.5.5 billion and according to the TMZ report, 23-year-old celebrity has become poor.

World's cutest animal

Angora Rabbit

World's cutest animal Angora Rabbit

The first time, maybe you think this animal is a giant ball, but in it there is a rabbit . This large rabbit bred specifically for their fur. There are 4 descent who has been known.Angora Rabbit The first time, maybe you think this animal is a giant ball, but in it there is a rabbit . This large rabbit bred specifically for their fur. There are 4 descent who has been known.Angora Rabbit

9 Amazing Facts About the Universe

9 Amazing Facts About the Universe

1. Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the brightest planet in our solar system.

2. Although the size and has a gravitational force equal to the Planet Earth, Atmosphere of Venus is full of deadly sulfuric acid.

3. Covered by a thin layer of rock, Mercury is a large ball made ​​of iron and has a strong attractive force for its size planets.

4. The most powerful magnet in the universe is a magnetar, a neutron star is rare. Until now only found 10 magnetar invention.

5. The sun is very far away so if the fuel had run out, we will not realize it until 8 minutes later.

6. Red Planet, Mars has no ozone layer and do not have any protective against ultra violet rays. This makes it not be habitable by humans.

7. By examining meteorites found on Earth, we can know that soon is the age of Planet Earth 4.6 billion years old.

8. Jupiter rotates on its axis (rotates) with amazing speed, giving rise to winds with speeds of hundreds of miles per hour in atmosphere. Kayak tops gan! (our earth rotates it 24 hours a day and 12 hours of the night 12-hour, day and night if jupiter

9. The planet Saturn is a giant ball made ​​of gas, so the planet can float on water.