Monday, November 28, 2011

Local Law enforcement and Bad Banks a personal experience..

Law enforcement in America is well funded and retributionthrough the courts is swift – well that’s what everyone here thinks but from myown experience, I’m beginning to doubt this very much. And as for the Banks –don’t get me started!!

On a recent trip back to Britain a so called friend of minewho was supposedly looking after my property, decided to steal from me. The idiotthought it would be a good idea to steal my checkbook from my office and make ahandful of checks out to himself and cash them.  Yes; He forged my signature and dipped into myaccount for a few grand of my hard earned.  Apparently he thought I wouldn’t miss themoney and wouldn’t notice a few thousand dollar hole in my checking account.

Arriving back at my Michigan Bunker and checking through my recentoutgoings, the black hole that I wasn’t supposed to notice loomed large! I calledmy Bank and after receiving from them copies of all checks from the previous 3months – voila - the idiot had forged my signature with a forged signature thatlooked nothing remotely like my deft scribble,,,, doh!!

What to do? Well first off I called the cops and reportedthe theft/fraud – then off to the Bank to ask them to return my money as theywere negligent in cashing obviously forged checks.

After giving a statement to the deputy Sherriff, I left safein the knowledge that the county’s finest would act swiftly, the perp would bearrested and retribution would be mine…… Not so…..

Here we are, three months on and after calling the prosecutors office yet again this morning - still nothing! After signing variousbits of paper over and over again (because the affidavit wasn't witnessedcorrectly/paperwork lost yada yada etc etc), the perp is still around, has not been arrestedand has been phoning me at my bunker, leaving messages calling me an idiot!!!! (I'm trying to take the moral high ground here but accidents and guns seem to be part of a recurring dream) 

Even my bank thinks I fell off the last banana boat fromthickland. “We will not reimburse your loss as you were complicit by notguarding you check book sufficiently” they said! Well the fact that I was outof the country and the perp did not have permission to be in my Bunker isirrelevant to them. Even more irrelevant is that the perp had forged mysignature and by doing so has committed a felony!!! Get this, he'd even taken one of the checks tomy local bank to cash but the cashier refused the checkbecause “ Mr LetterfromAmerika is out of the country and that is not hissignature”. So, the perp went downtown and cashed it somewhere else.

Here I am, a few grand out of pocket, the perp is still outthere gloating and the Bank is refusing to honor its obligations to me… Disillusioned– you bet!!

Fraudulent claim or lying bastards?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So that's it then,,,, game over,,,, this Parrot is dead,,, caught with their trousers round their ankles or whatever superlative you want to use but yes Climategate 2 is here and it looks like the final nail in the Global Warming scare is well and truly in the Coffin!! Can we now see an end to this ludicrous Greenie bullshit and have these lying bastards brought to justice?

Dellers has it spot on again as usual.

Breaking news: two years after the Climategate, a further batch of emails has been leaked onto the internet by a person – or persons – unknown. And as before, they show the "scientists" at the heart of the Man-Made Global Warming industry in a most unflattering light. Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Ben Santer, Tom Wigley, Kevin Trenberth, Keith Briffa – all your favourite Climategate characters are here, once again caught red-handed in a series of emails exaggerating the extent of Anthropogenic Global Warming, while privately admitting to one another that the evidence is nowhere near as a strong as they'd like it to be.
In other words, what these emails confirm is that the great man-made global warming scare is not about science but about political activism. This, it seems, is what motivated the whistleblower 'FOIA 2011' (or "thief", as the usual suspects at RealClimate will no doubt prefer to tar him or her) to go public.
As FOIA 2011 puts it when introducing the selected highlights, culled from a file of 220,000 emails:
“Over 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day.”
“Every day nearly 16.000 children die from hunger and related causes.”
“One dollar can save a life” — the opposite must also be true.
“Poverty is a death sentence.”
“Nations must invest $37 trillion in energy technologies by 2030 to stabilize
greenhouse gas emissions at sustainable levels.”
Today’s decisions should be based on all the information we can get, not on
hiding the decline.
FOIA 2011 is right, of course. If you're going to bomb the global economy back to the dark ages with environmental tax and regulation, if you're going to favour costly, landscape-blighting, inefficient renewables over real, abundant, relatively cheap energy that works like shale gas and oil, if you're going to cause food riots and starvation in the developing world by giving over farmland (and rainforests) to biofuel production, then at the very least you it owe to the world to base your policies on sound, transparent, evidence-based science rather than on the politicised, disingenuous junk churned out by the charlatans at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
You'll find the full taster menu of delights here at Tall Bloke's website. Shrub Niggurath is on the case too. As is the Air Vent.
I particularly like the ones expressing deep reservations about the narrative put about by the IPCC:
/// The IPCC Process ///
<1939> Thorne/MetO:
Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical
troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a
wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous. We need to communicate the
uncertainty and be honest. Phil, hopefully we can find time to discuss these
further if necessary [...]
<3066> Thorne:
I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it
which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run.
<1611> Carter:
It seems that a few people have a very strong say, and no matter how much
talking goes on beforehand, the big decisions are made at the eleventh hour by
a select core group.
<2884> Wigley:
Mike, The Figure you sent is very deceptive [...] there have been a number of
dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC [...]
<4755> Overpeck:
The trick may be to decide on the main message and use that to guid[e] what’s
included and what is left out.
<3456> Overpeck:
I agree w/ Susan [Solomon] that we should try to put more in the bullet about
“Subsequent evidence” [...] Need to convince readers that there really has been
an increase in knowledge – more evidence.  What is it?
And here's our friend Phil Jones, apparently trying to stuff the IPCC working groups with scientists favourable to his cause, while shutting out dissenting voices.
<0714> Jones:
Getting people we know and trust [into IPCC] is vital – hence my comment about
the tornadoes group.
<3205> Jones:
Useful ones [for IPCC] might be Baldwin, Benestad (written on the solar/cloud
issue – on the right side, i.e anti-Svensmark), Bohm, Brown, Christy (will be
have to involve him ?)
Here is what looks like an outrageous case of government – the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – actually putting pressure on climate "scientists" to talk up their message of doom and gloom in order to help the government justify its swingeing climate policies:
<2495> Humphrey/DEFRA:
I can’t overstate the HUGE amount of political interest in the project as a
message that the Government can give on climate change to help them tell their
story. They want the story to be a very strong one and don’t want to be made
to look foolish.
Here is a gloriously revealing string of emails in which activists and global warming research groups discuss how best to manipulate reality so that climate change looks more scary and dangerous than it really is:
<3655> Singer/WWF:
we as an NGO working on climate policy need such a document pretty soon for the
public and for informed decision makers in order tn get a) a debate started and
b) in order to get into the media the context between climate
extremes/desasters/costs and finally the link between weather extremes and
<0445> Torok/CSIRO:
[...] idea of looking at the implications of climate change for what he termed
“global icons” [...] One of these suggested icons was the Great Barrier Reef [...]
It also became apparent that there was always a local “reason” for the
destruction – cyclones, starfish, fertilizers [...] A perception of an
“unchanging” environment leads people to generate local explanations for coral
loss based on transient phenomena, while not acknowledging the possibility of
systematic damage from long-term climatic/environmental change [...] Such a
project could do a lot to raise awareness of threats to the reef from climate
<4141> Minns/Tyndall Centre:
In my experience, global warming freezing is already a bit of a public
relations problem with the media
I agree with Nick that climate change might be a better labelling than global
What kind of circulation change could lock Europe into deadly summer heat waves
like that of last summer? That’s the sort of thing we need to think about.
I'll have a deeper dig through the emails this afternoon and see what else I come up with. If I were a climate activist off to COP 17 in Durban later this month, I don't think I'd be feeling a very happy little drowning Polie, right now. In fact I might be inclined to think that the game was well and truly up.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Could it be Ron Paul?

Less than two months before the Iowa caucuses occur — the next monumental step in the course of events leading up to the Republican Party makes their nomination for the presidency — Texas Congressman Ron Paul has taken the lead in the latest poll.
According to the results of the latest poll from Bloomberg News, Paul is neck-and-neck with pizzaman Herman Cain, with the two candidates coming in with 19 percent and 20 percent of the vote, respectively, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.
Former frontrunner and Texas Governor Rick Perry falls to place in the top three according to the latest poll, surely a result of last week’s slip-up during a televised debated hosted by CNBC. “We fish from the same pot as Perry sometimes,” campaign chairman Jesse Benton told Politico following Perry’s mistake last week, in which the candidate couldn’t come up with the three areas of government he intended to abolish as president of the United States. According to Paul’s camp, Perry posed quite the competition for the libertarian icon. With the Texas governor slipping in the polls, top-billing was open for Paul to pursue.
“For the first time in this race he looked comfortable and confident in giving answers, but none of that will be remembered. Instead we will remember him searching for words and relying on Ron Paul to bail him out,” Craig Robinson said after Perry’s disastrous debate slip-up in the Washington Post.
Paul resurgence comes despite a serious lack of attention from the mainstream media, who have time and time again downplayed the candidate’s campaign, instead offering coverage to other candidates such as Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. During last week’s debate, CNBC only awarded Paul 89 seconds to respond to questions during the televised portion of the event. According to the latest polling from Bloomberg, however, that might have been enough to give Paul the most powerful chance at the White House yet.
“If I were Romney and Perry, I would be thinking of a way to get Ron Paul off the stage because he is a distraction,” Republican strategist Bradley Blakeman explained to Fox Business in earlier in the race.
In Bloomberg’s latest polling, Paul also places first in support from likely Iowa caucus-goers in regards to his stance on healthcare. Congressman Paul collected 32 percent of the votes, with Mitt Romney coming in with only 25 percent.
Overall, Romney received 18 percent of the vote and Gingrich 17, creating a nearly neck-and-neck race for first place billing. Paul has previously won straw polls in Ohio, California and South Carolina. The caucuses in Iowa are slated to begin in early January.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ricky Gervais hosting Golden Globes again.. Yawn..

Bit of a non story, but I am a little troubled. Is it just me or is Ricky Gervais an annoying Cunt?

Ricky Gervais will return to host the 69th annual Golden Globes in January, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. confirmed today.Back in August, Gervais said that he had been invited to return for a third time, despite controversy over his scathing humor at last year's ceremony, which some viewers felt crossed the good taste line.
"I love NBC," Gervais told interviewer Richard Bacon this year. "I love the fact that they stuck with me through it." But when pressed on whether he was considering the offer, he added, "I am, but I shouldn't do it. It's a second encore. Don't do a second encore. I don't think I should do it. What am I going back as?"
His name was mentioned for the Oscar hosting gig vacated by Eddie Murphy, but that role was eventually offered to Billy Crystal.
Gervais' new HBO TV series, "Life's Too Short," is scheduled for sometime in 2012. The Golden Globes ceremony airs Jan. 15 on NBC.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Americans not so dumb - Climate Change BS

To the rest of the world, I just had to post this piece from the British Daily Mail. Seems that the high priests of Global Warming propaganda the BBC, have at last been slapped in the face for their endless dirge of Climate Change BS. An episode of the BBC's Frozen Planet documentary series that looks at climate change Gorebulll Warbling will not be shown here in the U.S. It's so nice to see the main stream media actually say that the majority of Americans don't believe in the "man made" bit of climate change...

He he, Americans, not so dumb after all eh?

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Piss Boiler - Britain get's worse....

I just can't do it - read the British press anymore that is.. I know that this is letter from Amerika but as a Brit, I still keep in touch with what is going on on the other side of the pond. Well that's it - no more. There is plenty of lunacy like this going on over here or even this to keep me slightly amused but when it comes to absolute piss boiling fuckwittery, Britain tops it all. Just take a look at this and then this - I'm going back down into my bunker to drink copious amounts of Brandy. Good day......

Friday, November 11, 2011

Turkey Nuts

Pancake breakfasts? Bake sales? How about a chili cook-off? If you’ve been there and done that than maybe you’ll want to try an event being offered at American Legion Post T.H.B. in Elmhurst.
The post has a new take on some of those stale fundraisers that revolve around food.  With Thanksgiving approaching and a desire to pique peoples’ interest and taste buds with something fairly unique, the post is hosting a Turkey Testicle festival.
“Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s turkey-related,” said Al Bertolani, the post’s finance officer. 
The fundraiser will take place from noon through midnight Saturday at the American Legion post,  Normandy Banquets, 310 W Butterfield Road, Elmhurst. The event, which is geared toward adults, also will feature three bands playing music throughout the day.
The bird appendages are deep fried. Bertolani said some people like them.
“They’re fairly popular,” he said. “They have the consistency of a mushroom, but they taste like turkey.”
People who don’t like to consume the organs will have other options including hamburgers and hot dogs.
The post offered the first Turkey Testicle Festival last year and raised about $2,000. The money goes to support veterans, those currently serving in the armed forces and for community-based projects.
“The money is used for scholarships, to ship packages to service members, and the community,” said Bertolani, adding that the post hopes to exceed the amount of money it raised last year.

Lest we Forget - Veterans Day

On the 11th hour of the 11th day the guns on the Western Front fell silent at the end of the First World War in 1918. Here in the Unites States we observe veterans day with reverence, indeed it is a federally mandated holiday and many businesses go out of their way to honor veterans in any which way they can - even offering free drinks and food in bars and restaurants the length and breadth of the country.

Contrast this to Great Britain where hate preacher Anjem Choudry was planning another "Poppy Burning" ceremony billed as "Hell for Heroes"!

Under  pressure from the Government (under pressure ffs, the bastards should have been arrested and deported), they have now "graciously cancelled" their planned action but are claiming victory as this press states.

(Caution, Piss Boiling moment below..)

Press release dated 10th November 2011

A Ban Will Never Silence Islam and Muslims!

Muslims Against Crusades would like to declare that we are hereby dissolved and will not be functioning as of tonight. We would also like to declare that the planned Hell for Heroes protest on 11th November 2011 has been cancelled and will not be going ahead tomorrow.
The intended banning of Muslims Against Crusades by Home Secretary Theresa May is a great victory for Islam and Muslims and highlights the sheer hatred the British government has towards sincere Muslims who wish to peacefully speak out against policies that are (from every angle) anti-Islam and anti-Muslim.
The planned Hell for Heroes demonstration has undoubtedly struck a raw nerve in parliament by exposing the blunt truth behind the poppy. The poppy, Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday are the fig leaves behind which war crimes committed by serving British soldiers are covered and justified; they are tools used by the government to shore up support for the war effort and garner sympathy for the ruthless British Armed Forces.
Muslims Against Crusades have always reiterated that it is a political and ideological platform that adheres to a strict covenant of security where the life and wealth of the non-Muslims with whom we live is protected in return for our life and wealth being protected. We were moreover considering relocating the demonstration or postponing it to avoid confrontation with groups such as the BNP and EDL who seemed bent on causing havoc.
However, it seems that a peaceful demonstration that was also given the green light by the Metropolitan police and regarded as completely legal was too much for the British government to swallow and the ugly of side of democracy (dictatorship) once again reared its ugly head.
The objective of the demonstration has therefore been achieved and the British government exposed.
Ironically MAC is going to be proscribed under terrorist legislation whereas when one looks at the definition of the term as ‘..using violence against a community or a section of the community for political purposes…’ then the biggest terrorists are the US and UK regimes in their foriegn policy of murder, torture and occupation and in their domestic policy through internment, stop and search, glorification (thought crime) laws etc… etc….
We would like to make it clear that the call for Islam will never be silenced by any ban or proscription. Rather we never called for the Shari’ah and defended Muslims around the world because the likes of Tony Blair or David Cameron wanted us to and we will never stop if they are unhappy with our call. Rather we pledge that our call and activities will see added momentum and zeal and that we will never rest until the flag of Islam flys high over Downing Street!
I'd like to think that if any so called Islamic Group who put out stuff like this here in the United States and called for the flag of Islam to be flying over Capitol Hill would be on their way to a long vacation with plenty of watersports in the Caribbean hotspot of Guatanamo Bay.... 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Global Warming is back!


Yesssss it's back by popular demand..... the return of...... Global warming.

Stirring from the warmth of my Michigan Bunker what do I see but the first snows of winter.

As for the forecast for the rest of the winter, well it ain't looking too good for us kind folks up in the Great Lakes with various reports describing this coming winters' weather as "brutal!"

Don't expect to see Al Gore traipsing around here in the near future, although with hunting season about to open in the next few days any sightings of him are bound to have  one or two of the locals coming down with itchy trigger finger....  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And then there were three....

Free Planet

As of the year 2000, there were seven countries without a Rothschild-owned Central Bank:

North Korea

Then along came the convenient terror of 9-11 and soon Iraq and Afghanistan had been added to the list, leaving only five countries without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family:

North Korea

We all know how fast the Central Bank of Benghazi was set up.
The only countries left in 2011 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are:

North Korea
And these mono-maniacal speculators in the west, via their nuke-weaponed ally Israel, are blatantly gagging to get that "Central Bank of Iran" set up... you know it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

FU Papandreou

I only wish I had come up with this little ditty - as democracy starts to look a little limp - watch and smile.. Apologies to Falco....