Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mission: Organization

I must confess: I'm not good at organization. I'm not dirty, but my house can get messy at times. Working part time, paiting at night time and having two kids and chasing them around do throw me off a bit. Having all my art supplies or bills, my oldest daughter's school stuff and toys. Oh my, my...

But one of my this year's resolution is to be more organized and I've been doing pretty good. The thing is my mom used to do everything for me and my sisiter. We barely picked up and brought our own dishes to the kitchen sink after dinner. My mom used to clean out my handbags or shcool uniform's pockets. I'm not blaming her - I'm deeply grateful for all that she's done. I must say that I was spoiled girl who didn't know how to help my mother. And I'm embarrassed by it.

The funny thing is, my family and I were at my in-law's for dinner awhile back and I started clean up after my two daughters. "Honey, you tell the girls to pick up their toys, you don't need to do it.." my mother in law said. That's when it hit me. I'm turning into my mama!

I think it's important to teach my kids how to clean after their play time and I'm doing it now... I throw away stuff more. No more clutter and it feels so much better!

Here are some photos from Real Simple magazine - I realize now that ORGANIZATION is just divine...

Actually, I do fold my underwear just like this photo - my mom taught me that.

After seeing this photo, I did organize one of my drawer just like this and it works great!

I'm trying to organize my girls' closet and I really like this idea...

Note: My girls room doesn't look like this, but I thought it's funn photo...

And it looks like this now. Isn't it cute????
So, are you organized??? What's your secret to be organized? Pleas share!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beauty of Origami

I'm originally from Japan and grew up folding papers and create different kind of stuff: Crane, Flowers, Heart, Boxes, etc. Children in Japan know how to do it - it's no brainer. I'm amazed how I used to be able to make everything that's on here.

My daughters love origami. My mother in Japan sent me tons of origami paper and the book (Disney princess theme) for them to learn how to fold simple stuff. I'm grateful because I'm relearning the beauty of origami. Although I'm teaching my girls how to make animals or boat or castle, they're teaching me to patience or the things I forgot to make. The only thing I will never forget to make is "Crane" - it's basic, but it's something I showed my daughters for the first time which they showered me with "make it again, make it again!!"

So, do you know how to origami?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What? Cat Wigs?

I have a soft spot for cats. I love cats. I have two kitties now here in Florida and four other kitties back in Hawaii and Tokyo that my parents and sister are taking care of.

Over a month ago, I was reading People magazine when I found a cute and hilarious book review. It was called {GLAMOURPUSS} - a book about cats in wigs. A girl named Julie Jackson realized there are plenty people who dress up their dogs in tons of costumes, but she couldn't find none for her cats. So, she decided that she would created wigs for her kitties. Hilarious.

Julie stmmond her friend to take some photos and here is the book she just published. Aren't they adorable? She sells kittie wigs on her website Kitty Wigs. If you a cat lover, you should definitely check it out.

Model: Chicken in Electric Blue wig $50.00

Model: Shaft in Bashful Blond (Sold out)

Model: Chicken in Pink Passion kitty wig. $50.00

I honestly believe this Chicken is a natural super kitty model! Look at her face - I can't stop laughing. So cute.

All of her kitty wigs comes in a cute package just like this one with detail instruction. I have been telling my family that I'm thinking about getting these wigs to my kitties, they tell me don't be stupid. But I'm thinking about getting them and put them on my cats. Oh they will hate me for it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Icons

I love Hollywood. And I love old Hollywood when the actresses were real stars; the true movie stars...

Grace Kelly {the Princess of Monaco} - truly gorgeous will full of grace, just like her name.

Audrey Hepburn (Everybody's Princess} - She was so charming and classy. Her little body, beautiful eyes and pretty voice. Her fashion style was also something I adored...

Elizabeth Taylor {Stunning Beauty} - Can you believe how stunningly beautiful she was? Her eyes, the thick eye brows and the look that could kill thousand men instantly? To me, she is a lonely star who's only married so many times to find a true love.....

Marilyn Monroe {Norma Jean: the Mysterious Soul} - She is often portrayed as a sex symbol. Her sexy body and her free spirited attitude was something set her apart from the rest of Hollywood stars. She is one of my favorite icons of all time - I love her when she wore less makeup or when she looks all innocent and cute. Her true color shines when she's not all done up. I must admit though, she was a one sexy lady full of mystery. I would have loved to see her when she was older and gray...
Som who's your favorite icon??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chase, Paul & Love...

Hello everyone.. I'm sorry, it's taken me forever, but I finally uploaded the photos of my artwork that I finished last year. I know I'm being lame and l.a.z.y...

But here we go!

My sister in Hawaii asked me to paint something for her nephew (her husband's brother had a baby) and she wanted the color to be just like ones in the Pottery Barn catalog above. She wanted me to draw turtles instead of farm animals. She also wanted something simple...

And this is what I painted for {Chase}...

Now, a friend of mine asked me to paint something for her friend's little boy {Paul} that goes well with the bedding from Pottery Barn - Star Wars theme...

And this is what I painted for him....

Finally, I painted {Love} for my friend who desperately wants love in her life. She wanted something cheerful, but also wanted to feel calmness in the painting. She hasn't seen it yet. What do you think - do you think she'll like it?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Designer Sketches

I always enjoy looking at sketches created by designers. The sketch shows designer's personality and style. I like the way they draw the sketches or the way the final product turn out - it's amazing.

Think about it - isn't it just wonderful that your imagination can take you to a place where you create such a beautiful dress?

Bella's wedding dress from Twilight...

Designer Tilda Swinton

One of my favorite designers Phillip Lim

*** The sketches below are created for Michelle Obama for inauguration

Michael Kors - I love the blue...

Diane von Furstenberg

Mark Jacobs - This sketch was something I didn't expect from Mark Jacobs.

Badgley Mischka

Oscar de La Renta & Isaac Mizra

Christian Lacroix

Betsey Johnson
Jason Wu's sketch is one of my favorite sketches of all the designers. He did indeed design Michelle Obama's inauguration's dress below..