Tuesday, March 27, 2012

West Michigan pastor embezzled funds

Meanwhile, close to home, authorities in West Michigan say a pastor embezzled between $50,000 and $100,000 from his church.

WOOD-TV reports the Kent County prosecutor's office last week authorized a warrant charging the Rev. Arthur Pearson Sr. of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids.
An email seeking comment from Pearson was sent today by the Associated Press and a message was left at the church.

Speaking at the church on Sunday, Pearson's mother Zelda Ford denied the allegations. She says he didn't take any money.

Also Sunday, Grand Rapids police said officers were called to the church after a morning service because some members refused to leave and wanted to discuss the situation involving the pastor. Police had been monitoring the church's probe of its funds.

A career move into Banking somehow seems appropriate!

Globalist Satanic Death Cult Agenda 21

I read this yesterday and now this today. I just want to cry!

The Globalist shills are out. They hate you, they want you to dead. There is no compassion or feeling for humanity - they tell us that we are no better than roaches, we have no rights - we are no longer the children of God.

The seeds of doubt are being planted, very slowly we are all being conditioned - death is to be embraced, its for the greater good.

Well let me tell you now - I am not taking this evil any more - you got it!!!

For and on the record, I love my family, my wife, my daughter, my parents and my friends. What it is to be human, to be loved and to give love and to enjoy the wonders and the fruits of this bountiful earth. We really are the lucky ones. I do forgive the Globalists, they are mentally ill, they have had bad things happen to them in their lives, we have to show them that what they are doing and saying is wrong, is evil and a stain on the soul of the Human Race.


There's my line in the sand - that's it you Angels of Satan, bring it on losers..........

Stacey Solomon Witch Hunt

Stacey Solomon is a 22 year old British minor celebrity who came to "fame" for her appearances on the X Factor a couple of years ago. Since then, she's had a few hit records and has appeared on reality TV and various lifestyle TV shows.

Last Sunday, a photograph showing her smoking a cigarette and a report suggesting that she smoked 4 cigarettes in 2 hours, turned up in a British Tabloid newspaper. All publicity is good publicity you might say but the lady in question is 7 months pregnant!

Oh how the caring sharing, happy clappy anti smoking zealots have latched on to this story. The poor woman has been publicly vilified and is being demonized in the media as some sort of child killing bitch. In times gone past no doubt she would have been dragged kicking and screaming to the ducking stool and murdered for being a Witch!

Stacey appeared was interrogated on a British Morning TV Show yesterday and subsequently broke down in tears and self recrimination - no thought then given for the health of the baby due to the stress Stacey is under is there? Oh no, just righteous indignation and the "outing" of an evil bitch smoker. "Nothing I can say will make it right" she said.....

"Right" - I didn't know smoking when pregnant was wrong - is it against the law or have I missed something here?

What we are witnessing is a disgusting spectacle of  Health Naziism with absolutely no thought whatsoever to the health and well-being of Stacey and her unborn child. Nothing must get in the way of the Agenda, which is somewhat like what happened in Nazi Germany when the Jews, Gays and the disabled were taken out and killed. Interestingly, Stacey is a Jew.

I wonder if the firestorm would be as severe if Stacey was either Black or a Muslim?

She has been branded as an unfit mother, is being dropped left right and center and her career is spiraling into free-fall - all for smoking cigarettes for heavens sake!!

We should all be worried - this is Orwellian extremism. It's not about women smoking when pregnant it's about control. Your life is meaningless to these people - you are just a worthless piece of crap  - there is no empathy, you are not made in the image of god, the evil drones are in charge now.

To illustrate the point, here is another story of how the British Health Service is discriminating against "fat people". These good people are being refused surgery because their lifestyle is not on the approved list. Just like everyone else in Britain, they contribute to the health service through their taxes and are being denied treatment - but it's good for them! Watch out America when Obamacare kicks in. Ethnic cleansing of fast food eaters anyone?

And if you really think Stacy is a Witch for smoking cigarettes and putting her unborn child in danger, go and read this excellent blog and prepare to be educated.

Fried by the Volt!

Dollar Vigilante

[The following post is by Redmond Weissenberger, Managing Editor of the Dollar Vigilante and Director of the Mises institute of Canada]
A government that sets out to abolish market prices is inevitably driven toward the abolition of private property; it has to recognize that there is no middle way between the system of private property in the means of production combined with free contract, and the system of common ownership of the means of production, or socialism. It is gradually forced toward compulsory production, universal obligation to labor, rationing of consumption, and, finally, official regulation of the whole of production and consumption.
Ludwig von Mises, Theory of Money and Credit

The wholesale socialization and subsequent destruction of the US economy continues apace. The most recent example of the massive malinvestment brought on by the Federal leviathan is the saga of the Chevy Volt.

GM recently decided to suspend production of the volt due to declining sales - they have also stopped releasing sales projections. From AP:
A GM spokesman said Friday that the company will shut down production of the Volt from March 19 until April 23, idling 1,300 workers at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.
General Motors was once the Jewel in the crown of American Capitalism. By many, it was considered the greatest manufacturing company in America, if not the world. The company was destroyed by the insidious nature of the Neo-National Socialism that has infected the USA for well on 80 years now, when the merger of state and corporate power that swept across Europe was aped first by Hoover and then by FDR in the disastrous New Deal. The unions that were encouraged to eat away at GM from the inside were bailed out and the US Federal government took a 25% ownership in company. In the 2009 deal to “restructure” GM, the bondholders were wiped out, and the Unions were given a free pass to continue their destructive behaviors.

Built by what is now a de facto state-owned corporation, the Volt was the child of the green-washed brains of the Obama administration. The Volt was built for no-one, but a vision of the perfect, “New eco-Socialist Man”. Who is buying the Volt? According to Bill Visnic, senior editor of Edmunds.com, "The Volt appeals to an affluent, progressive demographic” General Motors itself stated that the average income of a Volt buyer is $175,000 a year. This trend does of course line up with the type of individual who has been at the forefront of the environmental movement since day one. A rarefied elite, righteously indignant, statist in nature, ready to have the government force eco-correct behavior on all who inhabit the land. The classic example is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who once opined that “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation”.

The Volt is a very good example of what happens when the means of production falls into the hands of the State. The system of profit and loss that can only operate when prices are set by the private owners of the materials and the means of production. The Chevy Volt can only exist within the sphere of the state wherein there is no rational economic calculation possible. From Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth by Ludwig von Mises:
Hence, in a socialist state wherein the pursuit of economic calculation is impossible, there can be--in our sense of the term--no economy whatsoever. In trivial and secondary matters rational conduct might still be possible, but in general it would be impossible to speak of rational production any more. There would be no means of determining what was rational, and hence it is obvious that production could never be directed by economic considerations.
When taking a look at the resources that have been poured into the Volt, one can only come to the conclusion that there was no rational economic calculation present. It is estimated by Tom Gantert that the Volt has received up to $3 Billion in Local, State and Federal Subsidies. And if you believe that GM has indeed sold 6,000 Volts, then the total subsidy per car can be estimated anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000. All of this for a mid-sized 4 door sedan that retails for $39,828 (eligible for a $7,500 federal rebate of course).

Compare that with TATA motors Nano, a four door wonder built in India with a sticker price of just under $3,000 USD for the base model. Without the hampering effects of state intervention and government backed unions monopolizing the labor pool, it is amazing what can be profitable. It’s a wonder the car doesn’t explode into flames.

If you have an understanding of the necessity of private property, and the market based, wealth generating price system that accompanies it, one shouldn’t be surprised that the Volt is such a massive failure. Even after the clear example of the failed crusade of abolishing private property for half of the world’s population during the 20th century yielded nothing but starvation and death on a genocidal scale, there are still some who claim that “Socialism hasn’t been tried” or “free markets can’t allocate resources”. Of course if we take an honest look at the test cases provided by history, it is clear where the truth lies.
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At the end of the Second World War, Germany was split into two halves – the eastern half ruled by the Soviet Union was known as the GDR or German Democratic Republic, and the western half was occupied by France, the UK and USA and known as the FRG or Federal Republic of Germany.
In East Germany Socialism and the abolition of private property and central planning of the economy for the allocation of resources was instituted. According to Jacob G. Hornburger, in Western Germany:
The Allied occupation officials imposed an extensive set of price controls on the German economy. When Ludwig Erhard, the free-market leader of Germany, asked the officials to lift the controls in order to relieve the economic plight of the German people, they refused, claiming that an immediate lifting of controls would produce chaos. One Sunday morning, to the surprise of everyone, Erhard issued a public announcemment lifting the controls. It was that action, more than anything else, that led to what became known as the German “economic miracle.
The German government of the day threw off the yoke of price controls and opened the doors for innovation and capital accumulation.


Two populations, similar in composition, were subjected to two different economic systems, private property and free market prices vs. state ownership of the means of production. The results of this 40 year experiment were quite clear – in 1988, West Germany was producing the best cars in the world and East Germany was producing the Trabant, a car that literally melted away.

The USSA has been accelerating down the road of serfdom for more than 80 years now, and the incremental destruction of private property and the rule of law. The USSA is gradually forcing compulsory production, universal obligation to labor, rationing of consumption, and, finally, official regulation of the whole of production and consumption. The Volt is only a symptom of the socialist cancer at the core of Washington D.C. and welfare/warfare state that is has spawned. Is the Volt a vision of the future? Or a sign of the coming collapse of the system?

Hawaii Senate Passes Travelers 'Bill of Rights' Resolution Aimed at Curbing TSA Abuses

Hot on the heels of Sanford Airport, Orlando booting out the TSA and replacing them with private security, Senators in Obama's home State of Hawaii  this week passed a resolution for a “Traveler’s Bill of Rights”, aimed at making the TSA " more accountable and putting a stop to over reach and abuses".
Slowly but surely the fightback is on- are we seeing the first trickles of change seeping through?
After a series of abuses by TSA officials across the county, Hawaii Senators on the Transportation and Public Safety/Military Affairs committees, unanimously passed a "Travelers Bill of Rights" on Monday, March 19.
Based on Congressman Ron Paul's federal proposal, Senate Concurrent Resolution 15, authored by Minority Leader Sam Slom, R-Hawaii, urges the congress to rein in the TSA abuses and make the agency more accountable for privacy rights and personal civil rights. Slom is a member of a national legislative task force - the United States for Travel Freedom Caucus -formed in March 2011 to ensure TSA accountability.
The Hawaii resolution attracted the attention of Alaska State Rep. Sharon Cissna, who co-chairs the United States for Travel Freedom Caucus.
In testimony submitted to the Hawaii Legislature, Cissna, who served on Alaska's Military and Veterans committee in Alaska for more than a decade, writes the TSA current procedures "do not have verifiable oversight over their equipment and give very poor management and training to their employees." She added: "Security is not being served by the current program. We must demand better."
Cissna, R-Alaska, made national headlines when she took on federal airport screeners in February 2011, refusing to submit to her second "intrusive" search and body pat down in three months by the Transportation Security Administration. When the then 68-year-old cancer survivor, who also suffered abuse in her youth, was barred by federal security from flying from Seattle, Washington to her home in Alaska, she took alternative transportation. During the four-day journey home to Auke Bay near Juneau, she heard from several other people about embarrassing and humiliating experiences they’d had with the TSA.
“Ordinary citizens across this country have told us they are being treated like common criminals by the TSA."  Cissna, who had a mastectomy, said in an interview with Hawaii Reporter.  “Many of them are cancer or other health-related survivors, whose prostheses, pacemakers or other surgically implanted devices cause them to be continually subjected to embarrassing pat-down procedures.”
That personal communication - combined with more than 1,000 letters, emails, calls and visits Cissna received after national exposure on her story and her testimony that followed before the U.S. House - led to a new partnership with Sen. Val Stevens in Washington State.  Together Cissna and Stevens formed the United States for Travel Freedom Caucus inviting legislators from across the country who’d introduced TSA reform legislation to join them. So far, there are 9 states with legislators in the caucus including Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.
To get the attention of Congress, they hope to recruit at least 32 states in total. “Congress has made a terrible mistake by not finding out what is happening with the TSA. I told my story and people responded to my story, and through that experience, I learned how widespread and how big of a problem this is. This is a huge problem,” Cissna said.
One of Stevens’ main concerns is the effect of the TSA procedures on children. “Parents will wisely not want their small children subjected to the scanners’ x-rays, so they opt for the pat-down. As children are touched in places they have been told to protect, they become traumatized. ... It was just heartbreaking. We should not be doing this to our kids.”
At least one family agrees with Cissna after their 3-year-old toddler in a wheelchair was extensively searched by a TSA agent while they were on their way to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, from Chicago's O'Hare Airport.
The boy's father filmed the search and published a video on Youtube, which made international news today. See the video here :TSA Nabs Suspected Al Queda Terrorist At Chicago Airport, A toddler in a wheelchair -  
The family was separated by a TSA official who swabbed the child's wheelchair, leg cast, hands and body for explosives.
The father wrote this post:
This and many other incidents involving the TSA have led several state legislatures and Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas, to take up the issues of freedom of travel and invasion of privacy.
In March 2012, a Hawaii mom said she was humiliated by a Kauai TSA agent who told her she would not be allowed to bring her breast pump with her on board because it had no milk in it. She had to go into the bathroom and pump milk in front of many people who came through the restroom until the bottles were full in order to prove those were medically necessary. She told KITV News she was embarrassed, humiliated and angry over the experience. The TSA later apologized.
October 2011, a TSA inspector left a note on the inspection slip of a piece of luggage where a vibrator was found that read: 'Get your freak on girl', according to the :London Daily Mail.
December 6, 2011, a third woman has complained that she faced an intrusive security search at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, according to UPI.
In April 2011, a Hawaii TSA screener plead guilty to theft, after she was caught stealing $200 from an undercover agent, according to a KHON TV 2 news report. There had been several complaints that Dawn Nikole Keka was stealing cash from Japanese travelers coming through the Kona Airport on the Big Island.
In June 2011, in Hawaii, 30 TSA officials were fired for improper screening after an extensive investigation by their supervisors which showed inspectors were improperly screening bags for explosives.
In 2010, breast cancer survivor Cathy Bossi said she was humiliated after the TSA demanded she show her prosthetic breast to Charlotte Douglas Airport TSA screeners.
In November 2010, John Tyner, a 31-year-old software programmer, refused to walk through the invasive body scanners in San Diego because of privacy and health concerns, choosing instead a "pat down." But then he learned about the agency’s new policy for “enhanced” pat-downs, which meant the agent could put his handsand fingers on the passengers' groin. He said: “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.” And then he left the airport. His video of the incident went viral, and people started wearing T-shirts and stickers that read "Don't Touch My Junk." The TSA then threatened him with an $11,000 fine.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii also submitted testimony in favor of the Hawaii resolution saying no one should have to choose between invasive pat downs and naked body scans by strangers to keep airplanes safe.
"The non-targeted use of full body scanners on all travelers passes neither the civil liberties nor security test," the ACLU testified.
Kit Grant wrote in his testimony in support of the resolution: "I just completed a month of travel and, refusing to let the government take naked pictures of me, had to go thru groping, offensive and humiliating pat downs four times in U.S. airports as lines and lines of people backed up for these mandatory privacy invasions that even the
TSA is on record as saying will not stop a determined terrorist. It's government-mandated chaos. I have to ask: why? As a geographically isolated state requiring air travel for any interisland or out of state travel, the people of and visitors to Hawaii know all to well and first hand and from local news reports how ineffective, invasive and even corrupt the entire TSA screening procedure is."
The TSA did not submit any testimony or comments. No one opposed the Senate resolution, which is expected to gain full approval by the 25-member Senate.