Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I constantly try to find the ideas for my paintings and artwork. I grew up surrounded by two professional photographers; my grandpa and my dad. So, watching them taking beautiful pictures had shaped who I am. Yes, I love photography.

A photo can tell a million stories. And it's so magical.

I've seen so many beautiful photography throughout my life and there are many amazing photographers for whom I adore. One of my favorite photographers is Anne Leibovitz. She is so popular that I'm sure most of you've seen her work at least once somewhere in the magazines.

I'm an Anne Leibovitz fan because she's taken the world of photography to the limit and created a world of her own that many of us had never seen before. I always grab the issue of Vanity Fair when it features Hollywood stars that are shot by Anne.

Her photography is a total creation of photography and fantasy - it's just amazingly beautiful. I wonder what it's like to be in front of her camera...

{All Photography By Anne Leibovitz}

And another photographer I adomire is Herb Ritts(1952 - 2002), a fashion photographer who had shot so many Hollywood celebrities including Madonna. He shot iconic photographs in black and white - his work was simple and yet powerful. I love his photography.

{All Photography By Herb Ritts}

One of my all tme favorite music videos is Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do" directed by Herb Ritts. He was truly a talented artist. I'm sure you've seen it before. It's the best and the sexiest video ever. Beautiful song = Beautiful video. BTW, Antonio Sabato Jr. was freaking HOT!