Thursday, July 7, 2011

Occurrence Process Power In

Basically every person has what is called the power within, just that they do not know how to raise or develop it. Workers in that has existed since human beings are born. But power was still passive and at times will rise if the person is in a state of panic, sleep walking, hypnotized or extraordinary fear.

Humans have a chemical element in the body (Body Chemistry) called ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate). ATP can be turned into energy through the body's metabolic processes. In simple terms can be written as follows:

O2 + ATP + Glycogen Energy


ATP serves as energy reserve. For example, after you exercise and tired then rested for a moment when the body will recover. The energy generated by ATP in a state of everyday form of body heat, helping to smooth the distribution of adrenaline, turn on the chemistry of the body to form the immune system (antibodies), turn on the digestive activity and turn on all the activities of the organs in the human body. Based on the research, people in everyday life is only about 2.5% of whole body energy facilities. 97.5% while the other is hidden as a backup in the solar plexus.

The problem is how you can optimize and generate energy that is stored for use in everyday life. Man if it is able to increase its strength by 0.1 to 0.3% (to become 2.6 to 2.8%) can kill a horse in a single blow or to break the five stacked steel rod miser, breaking the stone was not an obstacle for which has the power within.

Power or energy in an energy reserve is centered on the nerves around the pit of the stomach and once raised will come together on one body part is called the solar plexus or kundalini. According to various sources, kundalini is a part of the human body in the form of 31 / 2 circle, there are between the tail and the pubic bone below the navel. Shaped like a snake that is coiled or looped. So in this case needs to be explained that the source of energy in the solar plexus, solar plexus not like the opinion of those so far. Whereas the solar plexus is the gathering place of energy reserves after resurrected.

The only way is by changing the normal breathing into special breathing, by optimizing oxygen intake should not be wasted while the other part must be balanced. To boost energy reserves quickly, oxygen must also rotate rapidly around the body and dispose of toxic gases CO2 rapidly. Therefore, when disposing of the body must dikejangkan breath. With pengejangan body, oxygen will form a vortex of spinning energy that the body absorbs all the energy in the scattered and hidden. While the disposal of toxic gases is done by removing the breath through the mouth. If those two things are done then the oxygen that revolve oxygen in your body is clean with no CO2. This is one secret, too, why people who study power in correctly is always healthy and rarely sick.

The function of the power within;

1. Physical power becomes much stronger
2. To sharpen the senses.
3. To awaken the sixth sense.
4. To crush hard objects.
5. To lighten the body.
6. To strengthen the brain's memory.
7. To promote health and body resistance against physical attack and attack the disease.
8. To strengthen the weak body.
9. To Telekinetik / move objects from a distance