Monday, November 28, 2011

Local Law enforcement and Bad Banks a personal experience..

Law enforcement in America is well funded and retributionthrough the courts is swift – well that’s what everyone here thinks but from myown experience, I’m beginning to doubt this very much. And as for the Banks –don’t get me started!!

On a recent trip back to Britain a so called friend of minewho was supposedly looking after my property, decided to steal from me. The idiotthought it would be a good idea to steal my checkbook from my office and make ahandful of checks out to himself and cash them.  Yes; He forged my signature and dipped into myaccount for a few grand of my hard earned.  Apparently he thought I wouldn’t miss themoney and wouldn’t notice a few thousand dollar hole in my checking account.

Arriving back at my Michigan Bunker and checking through my recentoutgoings, the black hole that I wasn’t supposed to notice loomed large! I calledmy Bank and after receiving from them copies of all checks from the previous 3months – voila - the idiot had forged my signature with a forged signature thatlooked nothing remotely like my deft scribble,,,, doh!!

What to do? Well first off I called the cops and reportedthe theft/fraud – then off to the Bank to ask them to return my money as theywere negligent in cashing obviously forged checks.

After giving a statement to the deputy Sherriff, I left safein the knowledge that the county’s finest would act swiftly, the perp would bearrested and retribution would be mine…… Not so…..

Here we are, three months on and after calling the prosecutors office yet again this morning - still nothing! After signing variousbits of paper over and over again (because the affidavit wasn't witnessedcorrectly/paperwork lost yada yada etc etc), the perp is still around, has not been arrestedand has been phoning me at my bunker, leaving messages calling me an idiot!!!! (I'm trying to take the moral high ground here but accidents and guns seem to be part of a recurring dream) 

Even my bank thinks I fell off the last banana boat fromthickland. “We will not reimburse your loss as you were complicit by notguarding you check book sufficiently” they said! Well the fact that I was outof the country and the perp did not have permission to be in my Bunker isirrelevant to them. Even more irrelevant is that the perp had forged mysignature and by doing so has committed a felony!!! Get this, he'd even taken one of the checks tomy local bank to cash but the cashier refused the checkbecause “ Mr LetterfromAmerika is out of the country and that is not hissignature”. So, the perp went downtown and cashed it somewhere else.

Here I am, a few grand out of pocket, the perp is still outthere gloating and the Bank is refusing to honor its obligations to me… Disillusioned– you bet!!

Fraudulent claim or lying bastards?