Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beauty of Origami

I'm originally from Japan and grew up folding papers and create different kind of stuff: Crane, Flowers, Heart, Boxes, etc. Children in Japan know how to do it - it's no brainer. I'm amazed how I used to be able to make everything that's on here.

My daughters love origami. My mother in Japan sent me tons of origami paper and the book (Disney princess theme) for them to learn how to fold simple stuff. I'm grateful because I'm relearning the beauty of origami. Although I'm teaching my girls how to make animals or boat or castle, they're teaching me to patience or the things I forgot to make. The only thing I will never forget to make is "Crane" - it's basic, but it's something I showed my daughters for the first time which they showered me with "make it again, make it again!!"

So, do you know how to origami?