Thursday, October 20, 2011

Al Gore: The Great Lakes are they filling or evaporating? Insane for sure.

 The Cypress Times

Al Gore, in much the same fashion as Rev. Billy Graham crusaded for Christianity in past decades, continues his crusade for his Church of Climatology in trying to convert infidels into believing in his Dogmatic Doctrine of Global Warming/Climate Change. His latest sermon in Detroit, Michigan came in a speech, 10/12/2011, during the annual meeting of the International Joint Commission, a joint US, Canada agency that advises both nations on shared waterways. Gore linked his GW/CC doctrine of a warming world to problems affecting the Great Lakes, saying that increasingly intense storms likely caused by GW are overwhelming waste water treatment systems in the region. Excessive nutrients and sewage are being dumped into the lakes leading to beach closings and algae blooms.

In the very same speech, Gore said GW/CC also causes more evaporation which drives lake levels down. He also said unless the Climate Crisis is solved, it could nullify recent progress toward healing the Great Lakes.

In this latest attempt to convert people to his dogmatic fanaticism, Gore can't make his mind up whether GW/CC is flooding the lakes or evaporating them. This conflicting view of his own doctrine shows a man caught up in so many lies and misrepresentations of his own theory that he no longer can distinguish between them.

Over the past year Gore has had a few instances where he has had short bouts of anger in the form of rants and raves at those who dared question him about his theories. This rage and dementia-like state he seems to be in recently assuredly stems from his inability to keep the truth about the world's weather and climate from the public. His realization that millions think he is lying for financial gain, self glorification and in getting a political climate favoring new laws which would assure him and his Green Energy investors of making billions from citizens who would then be forced to go along with the scam is the answer to his latest mental decline.

We got a great example of his hidden insanity in 2000 when he lost the election and couldn't accept it. That tantrum lasted for several months.

It's not a wonder why he acts this way since he has built his whole life around trying to convince people of a fabrication only true in his own mind and fictional characters like Shrek.

Recently, Al Gore got caught faking his Climate 101 video presented during his 24 hour interndt broadcast. Not surprising since all Global Warming/Climate Change is based on fabrication.

This particular video was demonstrating how CO2 will heat faster than air. The so called experiment used two large jars in which a miniature globe with a thermometer placed on top of it inside each jar. The jar containing air was closed tightly while the other jar had a lid with a tube injecting CO2 into it all during the experiment. Both jars were then exposed to heat from infrared light bulbs. The object was to show CO2 heating faster than air. However, the video was tampered with during the experiment as can be viewed at the following link.
If the experiment was as elementary and sure fire as Gore made it out to be there should have been no reason to distort it. Perhaps he thought since the whole premises of GW/CC is based from distortion that this simple experiment may as well be too. Why have one truth mixed in with the rest of the smoke and mirrors.

In the coming months Gore will become more and more agitated as less and less people believe in his blatant improvable scheme. This will be evident in speeches and interviews as his temper will get away with him when confronted with skepticism, prompting many to question his sanity.

At least when Billy Graham gave his sermons and traveled the world he was preaching a religious doctrine many years old which does put some on the right path in life and makes them better human beings, not to mention at least some morals.

Gore's Church of Climatology on the other hand offers no redemption for the human soul and instead places human life as a parasite infecting the planet.

Human civilization currently lives within its technological means intellectually which means we use natural resources to maintain a modern lifestyle. Of course in the process, some species of the animal kingdom will become extinct. Areas previously undeveloped in the world will become urban areas.

This is known as evolution.