Friday, October 14, 2011

The Winter Cometh

As is usual at this time of the year, the writing always has to take a bit of a backseat due to my having to get all the jobs done that I neglected in the summer!

Having as much land as I do with only me to look after it is both a joy and a curse. I've spent the past 3 days in the 80 degree plus weather mowing the lawn (thankfully I have a ride on) and cutting back to the tree line. Then of course there is the collecting of all the brush that has fallen from the trees which has to be taken down to the burn pile for destruction. So, as exhaustion sets in, the rain starts to fall and the temperature drops to 50f, I've fired up the furnace. Thoughts naturally turn to winter and to the snow that is going to be dumped on us this year. 

So, as Al Gore continues to prattle on about Global Warming it looks as though we are going to be in for a very long, cold and snowy winter (again?). The science is settled as far as I'm concerned, AGW really does stand for Al Gore's Warblings and when there is 6 feet of snow at my back door I'll feel safe in the knowledge that fat Al really does care for me from the warmth of his Ocean view home in California.

Am I allowed to use the word Cunt?
Clean and ready for winter