Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unbelievable: Keeping America Safe. Young Mother detained in Plexiglas Box by TSA Goons

Another piss boiling moment brought to you courtesy of the TSA goons!  

I urge you all to watch this video.  The TSA are quite clearly staffed by idiots who couldn’t make the grade at Walmart – and these people are supposed to be keeping us safe, it’s quite a joke isn't it? 

This poor young mother has been harassed and ordered to wait in a Plexiglas box which is designed for public humiliation all because she refused, as per TSA guidelines, to have her breast milk put through an X ray machine. Of course, this caused her to miss her flight and kept her away from her family but hey, we gotta keep everyone safe right?

What more BS will be heaped on top of the good people of America before they rise up and put a stop to this? To the TSA, keep it up, you’re doing a great job because very soon, the Orwellian structure that you are complicit in building will be done, dismantled and demolished – all it takes is just a few more people like this young mother to be publicly humiliated in order to keep America safe and you will be gone.