Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stacey Solomon Witch Hunt

Stacey Solomon is a 22 year old British minor celebrity who came to "fame" for her appearances on the X Factor a couple of years ago. Since then, she's had a few hit records and has appeared on reality TV and various lifestyle TV shows.

Last Sunday, a photograph showing her smoking a cigarette and a report suggesting that she smoked 4 cigarettes in 2 hours, turned up in a British Tabloid newspaper. All publicity is good publicity you might say but the lady in question is 7 months pregnant!

Oh how the caring sharing, happy clappy anti smoking zealots have latched on to this story. The poor woman has been publicly vilified and is being demonized in the media as some sort of child killing bitch. In times gone past no doubt she would have been dragged kicking and screaming to the ducking stool and murdered for being a Witch!

Stacey appeared was interrogated on a British Morning TV Show yesterday and subsequently broke down in tears and self recrimination - no thought then given for the health of the baby due to the stress Stacey is under is there? Oh no, just righteous indignation and the "outing" of an evil bitch smoker. "Nothing I can say will make it right" she said.....

"Right" - I didn't know smoking when pregnant was wrong - is it against the law or have I missed something here?

What we are witnessing is a disgusting spectacle of  Health Naziism with absolutely no thought whatsoever to the health and well-being of Stacey and her unborn child. Nothing must get in the way of the Agenda, which is somewhat like what happened in Nazi Germany when the Jews, Gays and the disabled were taken out and killed. Interestingly, Stacey is a Jew.

I wonder if the firestorm would be as severe if Stacey was either Black or a Muslim?

She has been branded as an unfit mother, is being dropped left right and center and her career is spiraling into free-fall - all for smoking cigarettes for heavens sake!!

We should all be worried - this is Orwellian extremism. It's not about women smoking when pregnant it's about control. Your life is meaningless to these people - you are just a worthless piece of crap  - there is no empathy, you are not made in the image of god, the evil drones are in charge now.

To illustrate the point, here is another story of how the British Health Service is discriminating against "fat people". These good people are being refused surgery because their lifestyle is not on the approved list. Just like everyone else in Britain, they contribute to the health service through their taxes and are being denied treatment - but it's good for them! Watch out America when Obamacare kicks in. Ethnic cleansing of fast food eaters anyone?

And if you really think Stacy is a Witch for smoking cigarettes and putting her unborn child in danger, go and read this excellent blog and prepare to be educated.