Monday, February 6, 2012

Bank of America War on Cash

This one caught my eye (4 short vids in all)... Here we have a guy trying to make his mortgage payment at a branch of the Bank of Amerika America - in cash - and they wont accept it!

It gets a little messy and the Bank calls the cops. Ok, so you might say that the guy who shot the video is seeking attention and is the author of his own misfortune - but the fact remains that the bank wont accept legal tender cash money in payment of a mortgage - wow!!!

I though would have written out a notice and left the cash on the desk in the branch, what would they do - just leave it there? I think not. Would they call the cops and say "this is the bank and some dude has shown up and left $1,400 in payment of a mortgage loan on a desk here and we don't want it?" I guess even the cops would find that one strange, but there we are - even the criminal banks wont touch cash now.

The "if you've got nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" mantra/paranoia that is everywhere in officialdom now means you can't pay with cash only policed electronic currency - your financial privacy no longer exists.

Welcome to America, Land of the Free Home of the Brave! Does anyone really believe that BS anymore?