Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lazy Fat Cop Tazers Girl - The TSA Sexually Assaults People

Just another day in Amerika.

Lazy fat thug Trooper Daniel Cole fired a tazer into a 20 year old girls back, she fell down, banged her head and as a result, it appears that the girl is brain dead.

I believe that Trooper Cole too is brain dead. All the compassion and empathy scooped out the by the globalist, politically correct zealots that descend like vampires and suck upon men/women who are inadequate within themselves. It's the same Robocop mentality that's at work in authority these days - the mentality that forces us to be sexually assaulted in the name of security by the TSA for example.

There'll be more stories like this and it will soon be the norm. Still if you've got nothing to hide there's nothing to fear - or is there?

TSA Sexual assault on woman