Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fuck You Michael Moore

Let’s get one thing straight. I like Michael Moore – as aFilm Maker, Raconteur, Comedian and Public Benefactor; but as a political commentatorhe stinks.

Operation Hilarity – This is Moore’s lame attempt to support and encouragehis friends and fans to back Republican Rick Santorum as Presidential nominee. He knows fullwell that the country would never go for him (Santorum) as president and so almost by default, he knows that the country would be guaranteed another 4 years of Potus and Flotus living it large in the White House. What a crock of Horse shit and here’s why;

When Moore was berating Bush for taking the nation into illegalwars and speaking out against American tyranny in Iraq, Moore’s poster boyand soon to be dear leader went on the record saying “Guatanamo will be closed and you can take that to the bank”.  Yes folks, a new era of cuddly feely reachee outee foreign policy was said to be a loomin' over the horizon.

As Moore is fond of reminding us, the dear leaders' middle nameHussein, means good. So, good is waging war in the Middle East and Africa, good is removing our God given rights and liberties at an alarming rate and good is presiding over an ever tanking economy, financialtakedowns and foreclosures, oh and good is all quiet on the torture of foreign nationals and US ones (Bradley Manning) yeah good …

Moore now stands on the safe ground of the occupy movement. Wedon’t hear him speak out about the ongoing fouls deeds in Libya for example. No sir, heis right behind the anointed one - the Oscar winner is ringing the bell andshouting out his name across the land, "good" is the only person who can save America.Michael, my dear neighbour, your fat ass is falling out of your trousers!

I heard Michael speak to a full house before Christmas atthe State Theater in my town of Traverse City (thank you for this splendid giftto the City by the way Mike).  As always the be-hatted Mikey was holding court and informing us how convincingly America was rapidly slidinginto the doo doo when lo and behold Chairman Mike began to enlighten us! Apparently, the dear leader is a guiding light and we must forgive him histransgressions. "None of it is his fault" did you know – oh no, it’s all the fault of Congress/Lobbyists/Staff (delete as appropriate) for all the bad advice he’s been given and what’smore, it’s all our fault too for not heeding to what the sainted Kenyan mtoto had been telling us. Yes really!

Michael, are you really such a hypocrite, a globalist shill?Somehow I don’t think Santorum is shaking in his well-heeled boots (According to Santorum's tax returns, Rick made $659,000, $952,000, $1.1 million, and $923,000 from the years 2007-2010. He also owns a $1.4 million dollar home and $1.75 million in rental properties) aboutoperation hilarity for it is you Michael , you who is hilarious but it’s not reallyfunny is it Michael? Not when American foreign policy is killing thousands every day,  not when  the U.S. ranks 23rd among industrial nationsin infant mortality.( African-American infants die at nearly twice the rate ofwhite infants). Not when one out of every eight children under the age oftwelve in the U.S. goes to bed hungry every night.

So, on this one I'm sorry but - Fuck you Michael Moore.