Monday, February 13, 2012

Who is Mia Love?

Who am I describing - someone who stands for Fiscal Discipline, Smaller Government, Parental Responsibility, Religious Freedom and the Right to Bear Arms? You may answer that I am describing the usual suspect - the all American, white, middle aged, middle class, kids in college son of Uncle Sam Tea Party types?

Well, not quite.

Mia Love is a gun owning upitty n***r black 36 Year New Yorker born of Haitian Immigrants and the first African American(?) to serve as City Mayor in Utah. She has now formerly announced her bid to be the Republican nominee for the House of Representatives seat.

You've probably never heard of her  - you've certainly never heard of her if you are a reader of this Blog in Great Britain the UK. The BBC and MSN have never to my knowledge (and I've searched) reported anything about her which is of course understandable from the BBC as she doesn't fit their left wing "poor, downtrodden, welfare victim" meme that is Black America.

Forget the Sarah Palins and Michelle Bachmanns of this world. Sources tell me that she is the real deal - not a flake, a fake or on the make. I personally can't wait to see the (ill)Liberal chatterati explode and attack with venomous rage when this woman starts to get noticed (and she will).

Check out Mia in the video below - you might just like her!