Monday, February 27, 2012

Traverse City don't spoil it!!!

My adopted home Traverse City sits in an area of natural beauty. Planted firmly on the 45th Parallel, there is a myriad of fantastic golden sandy beaches, in winter, the skiing is as good as anywhere and the quality of life here is amazing!

We have world class food, world class wineries, a film festival and the celebrity count is pretty high. The art scene is thriving and we have our more than our fair share of musical talent. All in all, we get by pretty well and the depressing sadness that is modern America hasn't traveled this far (yet)! Generally speaking, people here are laid back, independent and proud. We don't see drunken youths vomiting in the street, single mothers tottering around on high heels whilst pushing Burberry covered prams nor do we see a great deal of crime of any description. I suppose this is how small town America lives and strong family ties seem to be the backbone.

Of course it's not all perfect - where is - but its nice to feel safe, secure and comfortable. Arghh, my dream was shattered when I saw that these two were in town yesterday...... We don't want you - go away.......