Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings...

Rain, Rain, go away... don't you see it's picnic day - or rather... race day! Well, yesterday it didn't happen and the Daytona 500 was moved to today, Monday - February 27, 2012. The biggest race in the world (next to the Indy 500, of course) can't even out-run the weather. For all of you race fans, out there - hope your driver wins. (My picks are Tony Stewart or Trevor Bayne)


Update: (Tuesday February 28, 2012) The ultimate winner of the Daytona 500, after rain delays and a fiery crash delay (everyone was okay), was Matt Kenseth.

As for the Oscars... is it over, yet? Oh yes, it is. Oh my goodners - it's not exactly that it is late or long, but it's just so boring, at times. Our family decided to tape it... so we fast forwarded through a lot of acceptance speeches. We just didn't want to give that much time to it. Did you like the show? I know many will probably think it was grand and wonderful. I just wasn't taken in. The tributes to old Hollywood were not so great, in my opinion. The one segment that showed Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz was extremely stupid and quite pointless. It didn't showcase her at all - it just made critics of that era seem foolish. I don't know. I guess... I just am not easily impressed by spoiled elitist Hollywood actors who enjoy patting themselves on the back.

The worst moment - was when Robert Downey, Jr. mocked Tim Tebow's Christianity by pretending to bow down and pray before he came out on the stage. To me, that was extremely low. I was angry about it, at first - but now I am just sad for him and the other so-called celebrities that are so lost. I know Christ died on the cross for them, too.

Even the red carpet event was disappointing to me. I know it is frivolous and outlandish what these clothes cost when they could clothe so many people. Typically, I still see something that I find to be spectacular or lovely, but this year, I just didn't personally love any of their gowns. I found most to look like draping curtains or a step away from being "beamed up to Scotty"!

Anyway, I wish I could think of something positive or cheerful to say about it. I guess the best thing I can say is - it's over!!!

By the way, I also happened to catch one of the We Love Lucy episodes on the Hallmark Channel yesterday during their marathon event. It was wonderful and funny... as Lucy always is! That was the Hollywood days at their finest.

A report recently came out - I read it somewhere on-line, that family shows and movies actually do better at the box office, typically, than other movies do. Hopefully, their pocketbooks will listen, but I wouldn't count on it!