Sunday, May 29, 2011

VW Beetle with the body of Wood Oak

VW Beetle
Celinac, Bosnia - Automotive Enthusiasts sometimes modify his car in a strange way. But not infrequently the result even be unique.

One of them Momir Bojic who changed his 1974 Volkswagen Beetle into a wooden car. Man from Sarajevo, Bosnia was not using iron raw material to wrap the old car, melaikan using Oak wood.

As reported Rep├║blica, Monday (05/30/2011) Bojic disarm the original body of the Frog into the wood in just over a month only.

Remarkably Bojic not help anyone, he diligently to modify his car at his home, located in Celinac.

He also managed to build a wooden car with kedetilan and precision level is quite perfect. Starting from the body, bumpers, wipers, mirrors, light bulb up to home plate numbers of vehicles.

Is not that great. With a relatively short time that he was able to do remodeling VW Bettle 1974 to the timber body. He claimed VW Bettle berbodi wood can still be run as well as other frog that uses the body of the metal plate.