Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Accidents Can Happen When Sex

Accident or injury can happen anytime, including while you and your partner have sex. Bruises, abrasions and even knock can be experienced every time a married couple having sex and cause pain afterward.

Although it occurs naturally, it does not mean be underestimated. Do not ignore the slightest injury after making love, because even mild but if it happens continuously can also endanger your physical condition as well as couples.

accidents sex

Quoted from thesite, here are five common accidents that occur during sex and how to overcome them.

1. Conflict in the Head
Stomping movement during penetration sex couples may be causing head hit the back or edge of the bed. This can lead to bruised heads, even to fainting when the crunch many times fall on your head. To avoid this, place a pillow near the back of a bed or buying a bed with a padded backrest.

If your partner fainted due to hit during sex, immediately give the space to breathe and paste the sharp-scented perfume in his nose. This method can bring people fainted because of mild shock. But if in five minutes is still not conscious, hurry call an ambulance or doctor.

2. Due to Friction blister
Maybe some couples than ever trying to have sex in bed, so as not boring. For example on the carpet, rugs or bare floors. Friction between the skin with a carpet or other hard material when exposed, might make the skin raw or burned. Hurry treat these blisters with a liquid antiseptic and bandage to prevent infection.

If you want to experiment in sex, do not do it in a coarse medium or hard. Cover the carpet with a bed cover or bed sheets made from soft to minimize the occurrence of injuries.

3. Bite wound
Bite in some specific areas of the body, such as lips, chest, ears or backs can sometimes increase sexual arousal. But if too much enthusiasm 'bite', it could leave scars on the skin blisters or blue pair. To prevent this, ask your spouse to treat you more gently, vice versa. If you or the he could not help himself and the 'accident' had already happened, immediately treat with antiseptic fluid.

4. Scratch pad
Because too enjoy the penetration or before orgasm, usually without realizing someone would scratch his back or arm of her partner. It is perhaps only natural and normal happening during lovemaking. But the wounds left behind should be cured before the infection. Especially when it comes to spending a lot of blood. After the drug was given wounds, scratches with a bandage or plaster bandage wounds.

5. Bruises
Knees, arms, buttocks and legs are part of the body that often experience bruising due to sexual intercourse. Bruising usually occurs because of the small blood vessels rupture due to knock. To heal, compress the bruises with ice cubes wrapped in cloth, or grab something cold from the fridge. If the bruise does not go away, chances are you have injuries and you should ask your doctor for help. Consultation with a gynecologist is necessary, if bruising occurs in an area near the uterus or vagina.