Sunday, May 29, 2011

Helmets World's First Fold

Sydney - A unique helmets that can be folded created by an Australian. This helmet is called the world's first folding helmet. Where did the idea of ​​making this folding helmet come from? After his helmet stolen in Indonesia.

The creator, Jessica Dunn graduated from design school in Australia and gave the name of an innovative helmet design with the name of Proteus.

The process of creation of this helmet as quotes from autoevolution, Monday (05/30/2011) Jessica got when he was in Indonesia. At that time, Jessica was faced with the fact that he had lost his helmet. From there came the idea of ​​making a helmet.

"I was driving a motorcycle every day when I visited Indonesia for the exchange student. But I have to buy a helmet from the roadside because the helmet was stolen property. Finally I had to bring a helmet it every day for 5 months and I want a helmet that can be put in the bag back, "he said.

Helmets World's First Fold

Mechanism of folding helmet

And as a result, artificial Proteus Jessica is also nominated for the Australian Design Award from the James Dyson (Australian millionaire). The winner will be announced on July 22, 2011 in Melbourne. Wow stolen thief, uh yes actually be a source of inspiration.