Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 Actions "Cruel" Women to Men

Women to Men
WOMAN is known as a gentle creature of God. But that does not mean that womankind can not do the naughty and "cruel" to the man she loved.

Recently, Fox News has presented 10 actions "cruel" women against men and how women capable of toying with the emotions and egos of men, as reported by the Times of India.

1. Do not want to pick up the phone
While men often record and considering the number of new women who knew, the weather would often give a false phone number and do not want to pick up the phone.

2. Utilizing the men for free drinks
Some women had never planned to use the money to drink in a bar or club. But, they take advantage of her feminine side to convince the man to pay his drink.

Even more cruel, rather than stay and get to know the man better, some of the women actually take a drink that has been paid and left.

3. Utilizing the man only as a stepping stone
If the woman is good, she'll dump you and move on. But if he's ruthless, he will maintain the relationship until there is a new guy coming in her life.

Like a stepping stone, this woman can not become singles. So he'll hang with you and your status as soon as possible to find a replacement.

4. Manipulate men with emotional
Men do not like to see women cry, and cruel woman take advantage of it. In fact, they use crying to get what it wants. Because the tears that flow will make him do anything.

5. Using physical violence
The man who beat a woman will give the impression of a crime criminal. However, women actually feel it is acceptable if the hit man, and the adam would not hit back.

Cruel woman felt that the conflict can be completed by physical pain on the part of men, without any reflection effect.

6. Criticize him in public
Women's cruel and humiliating criticize their partners in front of many people. They sometimes feel pleasure when he flicked, or even humiliate him through words.

7. Showed no relationship status
Very annoying when women who already have a pair still makes her partner assume that he is still alone. And she can enjoy every temptation and call another man.

8. Refuse sex
This is a severe trial and action terkeji women against men. For some men, sex is like a gust of breath. Holding the man's desire, just going to torture. Especially when she used the excuse of refusing to make love to get his wish, though sometimes this action effective.

9. Frequently test the couples
When a woman knows her partner plan to spend time with friends, she'll call all of a sudden and said he wanted to meet. If the man loves her, she will soon come.

This is a test. If you choose not to come see him, you fail. This is a test of the relationship that tends to cruel but smooth.

10. Tempting to view the content of jealousy
Perhaps women feel under-appreciated, or you've just fought with her, or she just likes moments where you are jealous and tormented because of his actions.

For other reasons, women who seduce other men directly in front of her female partner showed an immature and manipulative.

Do not choose a mate from the deep ...
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