Saturday, May 28, 2011

The world's Greatest Weddings

A wedding video resume on YouTube attract millions accessed in a short time. It's really romantic video concerned and concerted efforts in the making deserves thumbs up.

Creator video duration was about 7 minutes from Atlanta, Matt Still, the United States. Entitled "The Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!" or the greatest marriage proposal, a scene in it is quite stunning.

The video initially shows a boyfriend named Matt Joiner Ginny sitting in a cinema. As usual before the movie started, the cinema displays some other movie trailers that will appear.

Suddenly, there was a movie trailer that looked familiar. Scene showing two men with no visible face each other in conversation.

What a surprise Ginny after seeing that the two men really were her father and her boyfriend, Matt. Matt asks her father for permission to apply for Ginny.

Not missing shock, seen in the movie Matt went to the movie theater where Ginny watching. And in the climactic scene, Matt is really appeared before Ginny to deliver a wedding proposal.

"You are everything to me. Will you marry me?," Matt said as he knelt in front of Ginny.

Ginny who moved mindlessly accepting applications girlfriend, applauded some of the other cinema visitors turned out to be his own family. Video application has now been viewed more than 5 million times on YouTube