Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mystery of the Titanic and the curse of Pharaoh Amen - Ra

In a maximum effort to find an explanation, which makes sense, about the strange events, some reporters, who had been appointed to follow the investigation into the cause of the disaster, managed to put forward a conjecture, which is very surprising.

At the time of the disaster, "Titanic" carries 2200 passengers, 40 tons of potatoes, 1200 bottles of aer-dutch, 7,000 sacks of coffee, 3,500 eggs egg, and others .... and an Egyptian mummy.

The Titanic

The mummy that was owned by a British collector, Lord Canterville, who sent transport from London to New York, where was held the exhibition of ancient Egyptian objects.

The mummy is the corpse of a fortune-teller, who lived in a time of Amenophis IV, his tomb was discovered in Tell el-Amarna. The mummy was, like other Egyptian mummies, wearing very many objects - objects ajimat.

Especially under the head, there is an amulet, containing pictures god Osiris, with text, which reads as follows: "Arise from your sleep, who soundly; your eyes will beat anything, done to you".

Additionally, antiques, for exceptional value, are not included in the room stuff. Sealed in a wooden crate, a sturdy strong, the mummy was laid in the back where the command of Captain Smith.

In "Magic Egypt" (= Egyptian magic), London in 1961, John Newbargton wrote as follows: "that's mummy, which caused Captain Smith's madness. Mummy must be equipped with a protection system based on radioactive emission, which also has destroyed all musical voyage of the ship 'Titanic'. "