Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Makes People who are bitten mosquitoes Easy

mosquitoes Easy
Certain people bitten by mosquitoes sometimes more often than others, this is of course to make people curious. The following are the characteristics of people who prefer mosquito.

Summer is identical to the number of insects, especially mosquitoes, and only the female mosquitoes that bite just because he needs amino acids from the blood which is useful for her eggs.

Amino acids required by the mosquito is called isoleucine. If a female mosquito can acquire the proper amount of isoleucine, it can store up to 100 eggs. But if not, maybe he was only able to save the 10 eggs.

When mosquitoes pierce the skin so it will release saliva containing certain chemicals so that blood does not clot and she could suck as much blood as possible. And the itchy red bumps that appear on the skin is the body's reaction to mosquito saliva.

People prone to mosquito bites during the morning or dawn (at sunrise) and evening (at sunset) because winged insects that are most often looking for food at times tesebut.

Overall mosquitoes bite humans and other creatures to sustain the species. Here are some things that make a person more often bitten by mosquitoes, as quoted from Hubpages.

1. Having high cholesterol and steroids
People who have high cholesterol and steroids in the skin tends to be more frequently bitten by mosquitoes. Generally, mosquitoes will follow a person who produces a lot of cholesterol in the skin.

2. People with high uric acid levels.
The smell is so strong of uric acid will make it possible for mosquitoes to follow the direction of the smell and bite.

3. People who spend a lot of carbon dioxide.
Mosquitoes will be very interested in the carbon dioxide released by the body, hence people with high carbon dioxide levels tend to be more frequently bitten by mosquitoes.

4. Pregnant women
Generally breath issued by pregnant women contain higher levels of carbon dioxide so that the greater the chances for being bitten by mosquitoes.

5. People with certain blood type
Different types of blood group would issue a different smell, so there is an interesting and also not attractive to mosquitoes. For example, blood type O had the highest odor in body fluids that are easier for mosquitoes to detect.

6. People with soft leather
People with delicate skin will allow mosquitoes to penetrate into the meat. Afterwards he will have easy tersendrii in sucking blood.

7. People who spend a hot body
Mosquitoes like the heat so if a person feels or removing the heat from his body would be given the opportunity for mosquitoes to bite.

8. People who are active outdoors
Generally, mosquitoes will find objects that move so many people are playing outside the room will get a lot of mosquito bites