Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Smoke Cigarettes more dangerous than the smoke from vehicles?

Cigarette Smoke
Sometimes people ask why cigarette smoke is more attention than the smoke that comes out of the vehicle. This is because cigarette smoke is more dangerous than car exhaust. Why is that?

"Of all the really dangerous, but pollutants from vehicle fumes that contain fewer dangerous, I think it was not unthl 10 such as carbon monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen," said dr H Azimal, MKes as Director of Disease Control
Not Contagious Kemenkes the media gathering to welcome the World Day Without Tambakau with the theme: Regulation Through the best, We Protect Youths from Dangers of Smoking in the building Kemenkes, Friday (27/05/2011).

While various studies explain that in cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 toxic chemicals (toxic) and 43 cancer-causing compounds (carcinogens). This explains why cigarette smoke is more dangerous than car exhaust.

In addition, scientific evidence has also suggested an association between smoking with the occurrence of various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, respiratory system diseases, reproductive disorders and diseases of pregnancy.

"Cigarette smoke is blown into the table if it's rather difficult loss because he is sticky, so what happens if the smoke into the lungs which can be more and more numerous," he said.

dr Azimal said more than 43 million Indonesian children living in a home with smokers and are exposed to cigarette smoke or as a passive smoker. If children are often exposed to smoke so he may be experiencing a slow lung growth, more susceptible to bronchitis, respiratory infections, ear and asthma.

"For example, in a house her father smoked and she had a baby, the baby could have impaired growth," said dr Azimal.

It is estimated that the smell of cigarette smoke are difficult to lose this because cigarette smoke is made of long chains of molecules, so the need for lengthy or difficult to remove, especially on fabrics. In addition, cigarette smoke produced usually contains many substances or residues.

The number of negative impacts that can be generated from cigarette smoke for one's health that makes cigarette smoke more to get attention, even so it does not mean harmless fumes because it still contains compounds that are toxic to the body.