Friday, May 27, 2011

Patients who do stupid things at Room Check

Patients who do stupid things at Room Check
Doctors often get a negative image in the eyes of patients, such as arrogant or less listen to patient complaints. To be balanced, the patient also needs to reflect on the mistakes often made when dealing with doctors.

Anything as good as its ability, the physician remains a man who could not possibly change the fate of whether a patient is cured. One way to increase the chances of healing is through cooperation and good communication between doctor and patient.

Cooperation and good communication is sometimes hampered by the attitude of doctors who Jutek, but can also hampered by mistakes committed patients as quoted by CNN on Friday (5/27/2011) below.

1. Receiving a phone call
During his time in the examination room, the phone should be turned off, or at least ignore the first if there is an incoming call. Patients who busy themselves with the cell phone showed that health matters for him is nothing more important than other matters.

2. Lying or playing a secret
To be able to provide the best service, a doctor needs accurate information about their patients. Nothing to confidential, including if the patient is gay, had an abortion or often consume alcohol.

3. Complicated complaints
When complained, the patient liked too much to say that such people 'confide' when what is needed is only part of the doctor where it hurts, how long, hot or not and a few other simple information. The rest doctor will make sure they pass the examination. Skills of doctors to gather information and direct the conversation is very important when faced with patients who are convoluted.

4. File a complaint too short in the registration
Before the patient entered the examination room, doctors could study the first complaint if submitted in detail when you register at the administration. Sometimes the only existing registration file a complaint with sore throat, get checked in like chest pain.

5. Not convey the expectations of the examination
The obligation is to give the best doctors for their patients, but it is very subjective. For example, there are patients who feel only fit with certain drugs, should be submitted at the beginning before doctors prescribe other drugs are less expensive.

6. Do not know the type of medication received
Upon leaving the examination room, the patient should already know what drugs are prescribed by doctors following their respective functions. It should be a duty doctor to deliver it, but a wise patient should know and dare to claim their rights by asking questions.

7. Going by leaving a question
Some doctors did seem a bit grumpy, but not a reason for not asking things that are unclear. The patient pays a doctor to be checked and get information about the disease, so if you have any questions do not go home before getting a satisfactory answer.

8. Do not bring x-rays or other file
If you went to the doctor subscription, this may not be a problem because there are medical records there. But if not, do not ever forget to bring supporting documents such as x-ray examination or a referral.

9. Secretly not agree with the doctor
Some patients do not talk a lot or a say in the examination room, new home when he got angry and did not want to take medication given by doctors. If you do not like the way the doctor to check and type of medication he gave, to convey it or find another doctor.

10. Not abiding but get angry if not cured
Continuing the above points, when the patient agrees with the decision the doctors advice given must be followed properly. Doctors will not be responsible for everything that happens because they do not take medication or lazy obedient control.