Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Biggest Mountain in the Solar System

This is the largest in the solar He's Mountain. Olympus Mons, is the largest mountain on Mars which is also the largest mountain in our solar. Mount Olympus Mons is soaring to the height of up to 27 km and has a diameter of 550 km. In the legs, Olympus Mons is surrounded by steep cliffs with a minimum altitude of 6 km. At the peak, the mountain is a crater 85 km in diameter.

Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons is even higher than mount Everest pile. We can stack three Mount Everest, the highest point on earth, and mount olympus mons is still much higher than mount Everest pile.

height ratio between the olympus mons with a high mount Everest

Mount the largest diameter of the earth is Mauna Loa mountains (Hawaii), which has a diameter of over 120 km. Compare with a diameter of Olympus Mons (550 km).