Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 The characteristics of people who often stayed up late

10 The characteristics of people who often stayed up late
1. Like wake up late and even until the afternoon
This is because the habit of not sleeping all night so that the day be night, night become day.

2. More spirit of working at night
Yes, here the people who are used to staying up late will feel very passionate about doing something at night, whether it's for work or other things.

3. Eating when hunger comes
The average person who like to stay up as the name sometimes forget to eat, they tend to be cool with their respective activities. in the stomach when they are hungry they eat the new, clearly this is not good for health.

4. Eating so irregular
Ideally, one way to a healthy lifestyle is eating regularly on time. Most of those who like staying up late neglect of this rule, so often exposed to various diseases such as anemia, ulcers, etc..

5. While at the computer doing lazy why-if not essential, very important
if that is relative, because many of those who like staying up late because keasikan in front of the computer such as playing games, browsing, etc..

6. True friends cigarettes + coffee (not all hooked)
This seems to have become a liability and become a habit for those who like staying up late, because especially coffee can reduce drowsiness, so do not be strange if they see people who like to stay up must be very fond of the same thing as coffee and cigarettes.

7. Many ideas lazy way, so I could say it had lured
Due to lack the intensity of sleep at night is exhausting and mind so that they tend to 'less active' in everyday life

8. Sleep when the sun rises each parent diomelin
Maybe this applies to those who still live with their parents, stay up and sleep habits at sunrise obviously not good for health.

9. The eyes look sleepy but wistful melancholy-spirit, looking like a confused person but a lot of knowledge
Habit of staying out clearly influential on one's physical, not just of body conditinn tended to unhealthy, limp, also affects the eyes look glazed, glazed like a zombie.

10. No matter what time to come to work tomorrow
This is something very dangerous for those who like to stay up. Perhaps because of the intensity of sleep at night is less, thus neglecting what is a liability in the daytime.