Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 most luxurious in the World Racing Circuit

You include a biker heavyweight? Are you also handyman streets aka backpacker? Well, if so, of course, must have the courage and certainly a thick wallet or a pilgrimage to be visited in the ten best motor racing circuit in the world. Full story, stories, and history, ten racing circuit are spread across the continent of Europe, Asia, until at the southern tip of Africa. So, grab your traveling bag, backpack, air ticket and also your passport to explore places "sacred" to the lovers of motor racing world.

1. Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca

Outside the U.S. mainland, this circuit can be referred to as the famous circuit in North America. Host the contest race racing like MotoGP, WSB, and AMA racing. Laguna Seca is dominated by legendary liukan, Corkscrew corner, an instance of a downward spiral that makes it difficult every TV camera. Andretti hairpin segment lap at Laguna Seca a unique obstacle for the racers. Circuit along the 2238 mile, 11 turns itself berlatarkan lush green forest park, near, California.

2. Brands Hatch


Located 20 miles from London, Brands Hatch became one of the favorite circuit in the UK. Circuit along 2.3, ninth curve when it hosted the legendary WSB races in the 1990s, where 100,000 people poured watch races on this circuit.

3. TT Course


The Isle of Man is a unique island located between Britain and Ireland, have their own parliament, legal and tax systems. After the financial crisis the world, the island is mostly inhabited by bankers and motorcycle racers - well, now only the drivers are still living. TT racing circuit Course first opened in 1907, and the race is still performed to this day but with a closed road route. It's not all rural valley street segment, a bumpy road and a beautiful texture, make this island as a paradise for even the craziest biker who wants to be free encyclopedia speeding police. Modern circuit along the 37.5 mile TT Course, plus 200 corner ready to devoured by anyone.

4. Phillip Island

Phillip Island

Island with racing circuit is located in the coastal hills at Phillip Island, giving an aura of its own for the drivers of the world. Along the 2.7 miles with 12 corners, including the legendary bend down a tense, Lukey Heights. Watching the warriors fighting one another GP bike in position is the best racing moments and unforgettable.

5. Donington


Donington Park is one of the most popular circuits in the UK. Being in the middle of England, near Leicester, the circuit along the 2.5-mile, 12 corner has two sharp bends of the famous, Redgate and Craner Curves. Contours of the race circuit a little steep, making every MotoGP race to be so called. And for the diehards motor racing in Britain, Donington heart bak British sport.