Saturday, May 28, 2011

World Artists Who Marry 5 fans

Celebrities as if not separated from the 'chase' fan or fans. Not infrequently they lose privacy in the face of a fan-made.

But it turns out, there are a number of celebrities who actually fell in love and eventually married the fans. Here are 5 celebrity fans who eventually marry as a companion to live as quoted from The Frisky:

1. Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes

Maybe, someone knows that he is destined only to a person. So that was experienced by the current wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes. When the movie 'Top Gun' best-selling and renowned throughout the world, with a confident teenager Katie said it would be Tom Cruise's wedding. That's what happened to them was awarded to a daughter, Suri.

2. Kelsey Grammer - Kayte Walsh

Kelsey Grammer-Kayte Walsh

Kayte Walsh, a young flight attendant profession fans managed to steal the hearts Kelsey Grammar in a show. Grammar who was still married to Camille finally divorced his wife who is also a fan of actors 'Cheers' and 'Frasier'is.

3. Jesse James – Sandra Bullock

Jesse James – Sandra Bullock

Believe it or not, Sandra Bullock is a fan of Jesse James before they married. The two met when Sandra drove his godson in the screening of the movie 'Monster Garage', starring Jesse

4. Danny Bonaduce – Amy Railsback

Danny Bonaduce - Amy Railsback

After marriage, Danny Bonaduce Amy Railsback make as a manager. They met several years ago at a coffee shop, when Amy became a substitute teacher in the reality show "Breaking Bobaduce '. Since then, both near and a wedding on the island of Maui on Thanksgiving last.

5. John Travolta – Kelly Preston

John Travolta – Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston have got a hunch will accept destiny as a companion Travolta life since the age of 16 years. When he saw the movie poster 'Grease', Kelly is so confident of being able to win over the idol. In fact, every time, he never tired of stating this actor Eddie Vedder would become her husband. And indeed, angannya materialized.